2010 NSIP Grant Summaries

September 21, 2010

Arizona-University of Arizona, Sonoran-Project and Fellowship

PI: Leslie Cohen

The Sonoran UCEDD won both a project grant and a fellowship to expand current statewide efforts to recruit candidates with disabilities into national service. Their project will work with the Arizona state government and with other programs to increase awareness about national service among people with disabilities, and to increase awareness within service programs about the benefits of including people with disabilities. The fellowship will support a volunteer with disabilities in participating in a Southern Arizona AmeriCorps state program.

Mississippi-University of Southern Mississippi, Institute for Disability Studies-Project

PI: Jerry Alliston

The NSIP grant will fund a new project, Project GIVE (Giving Individuals with disabilities Volunteer Experience). The project's priorities are to improve recruitment efforts targeting people with disabilities, with the intended result of increased enrollment in national service; and to provide outreach and engagement in economically distressed areas of Mississippi.

North Carolina-University of North Carolina, Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities-Project

PI: Deborah Zuver

The grant will fund Project to Serve NC (P2S), an initiative that will offer hands-on activities to explore benefits, address barriers, and provide information around inclusive service. Through collaboration with the North Carolina Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service, the P2S team will focus on boosting enrollment of AmeriCorps volunteers with disabilities, and on creating sustainable practices in programs and at service sites to support those service members.


For more information about the National Service Inclusion Project, contact Paula Sotnik at the Institue for Community Inclsion in Boston (617-287-4343) or, Anne Riordan at AUCD (301-588-8252)