Multicultural Council Meeting Rules

March 22, 2004


A quorum to conduct business shall consist of those members present. An announcement of each meeting and proposed agenda will be distributed to the entire Council membership at least two weeks prior to the meeting.


There shall be conducted no less than one Council meeting per year. This requirement shall usually be fulfilled in tandem with an Association Meeting but may be accomplished through other means. Announcement of the general business meeting and agenda shall be made at least one month prior to the scheduled date.


Amendments to these bylaws will be adopted if approved by a majority of the Council's membership who vote within the designated time frame given for responses. Notice of the proposed change(s) will be distributed no less than a month in advance to the Council's vote.

Council Liaisons

Council liaisons to Association committees/councils will be appointed at the request of the Chair with the approval of the Officers. Liaisons are responsible for ensuring that culturally diverse approaches are considered in all Councils and committees, for reporting information and concerns to the assigned Councils and committees and for reporting back to the Multicultural Council. In order to be included in the next meeting agenda, items which need to be considered by the Council must be reported to the Chair within 30 days of receiving such information.