Illinois Department of Health

Program Synopsis

In July 2007, the Illinois Department of Public Health received a five year grant from CDC to establish a program to reduce and prevent secondary conditions (including pain, fatigue, depression, obesity, and chronic health problems that are related to or exacerbated by primary disability) among Illinois citizens with mobility disabilities and to improve their health, well-being and quality of life. 

Experience/Assets are as follows:

1.  Health Promotion (Intervention, Outreach, Training, Communication)

Activities focus on identifying appropriate program target groups, resources and materials, developing and utilizing evidence-based awareness and education strategies and interventions, encouraging the use of appropriate health education models and supporting the initiative's efforts.

2.  Health Assessment & Surveillance

Activities focus on maintaining and expanding an existing database on the prevalence and impact of secondary chronic conditions among persons with disability and providing technical data support to state and local users and to Partnership work groups.

3.  Health Planning & Policy

Activities focus on promoting accessible health care and support services to increase independence among persons with disability to participate in chronic disease promotion and prevention events and services.

 Selected Publications