2021 AUCD International Award

Brent Askvig, PhD

November 22, 2021

The International Service Award recognizes outstanding contributions that further programs or policies designed to create more inclusive communities for people with disabilities and their families throughout the world. The award is given in recognition of personal and professional efforts in program areas that proactively support people with disabilities and their families at local, regional, or national levels in the host country.

Brent Askvig, PhD 

Former Director, North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities (NDCPD) and current Professor Emeritus at Minot State University

In Recognition of Outstanding Contributions that Further Programs or Policies Designed to Create More Inclusive Communities for People with Disabilities and their Families Throughout the World

Dr. Brent Askvig, former director of the North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities (NDCPD) and current Professor Emeritus at Minot State University (MSU), has spent his career working to strengthen inclusion and participation for all people in society, with a special emphasis on persons with disabilities and intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD). His professional journey includes practical, theoretical, scientific, local, national and international leadership, and organizational work. His vast experience as a special education teacher, his PhD studies, his many years as director of NDCPD, and his constant engagement in scientific research have worked together to link him, NDCPD, MSU, AUCD, and national and international partners in ways that strengthen all parties and advance outcomes for people with disabilities. Dr. Askvig is a living example of how to implement the great ideas of George S. Jesien and AUCD to ensure that the interests of people with IDD are being addressed and improved at all levels within society. Dr. Askvig embodies the belief that it is important to bring scholars, administrators, practitioners, organizations and others to work in alliance in order to raise equity. He actively builds bridges between scholars, universities and communities to ensure a solid foundation and value-added to the parties and the projects they envision. He facilitates and promotes efforts of local, national and international awareness to create programs that make real and sustained changes in lives of persons with IDD.