2007 AUCD Conference Trainee Scholarships

August 1, 2007

Annual Meeting Graphic


AUCD is pleased to announce the availability of 25 trainee stipends of up to $200 each to support trainees to attend the 2007 AUCD Annual Meeting.

How to Apply

Interested trainees are required to register and submit a brief web-based application here. The application must include the following:

  1. a statement of interest
  2. a resume/CV
  3. a letter of support from their UCEDD/LEND/Training Director

What is Allowable?

Travel expenses allowable under this scholarship includes reasonable air or ground travel and hotel accomodations. Additional details on allowable costs are included with the reimbursement form (below). Registration expenses for the 2007 Annual Meeting are not allowable.

How to Get the Funds

Trainees are expected to pay the costs of their travel upfront in its entirety; after the 2007 Annual Meeting, trainees awarded the travel scholarships should submit this reimbursement form [pdf] to AUCD detailing their travel costs. The form must be sent to AUCD not later than 60 days after the end of the Annual Meeting. Applicable receipts (original or copy) must be included. AUCD will then reimburse allowable travel expenses to the trainees awarded travel scholarships for 2007.

All trainees attending the Annual Meeting will also receive a reduced registration fee of $175 for the conference (a savings of over $200!), excluding events which have an extra registration cost.


The deadline for this application is September 28. Trainees who have been selected will be notified by October 5 so that they may register for the conference.

The deadline for submitting the travel expense form to AUCD is not later than 60 days after the conclusion of the Annual Meeting.

Learn more about the 2007 AUCD Annual Meeting here.