AUCD Strategic Map

Text only description

October 29, 2017

The page is horizontally oriented.

Centered on the top: The AUCD logo, contains a blue ball and letters A U C D; smaller text: Association of University Centers on Disabilities. Tagline: The Leadership, Education, Advocacy & Research Network.

There are two main areas of focus of the strategic map: descriptive text and a graphical representation. The descriptive text is on the left:

The Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) is a diverse network of people with disabilities, families, educators, researchers, advocates, and professionals.

AUCD is a strong presence in every U.S. State and territory, and grows leaders who have the skills to make a difference throughout the world.

In partnership with people with disabilities, AUCD promotes inclusion, dignity, respect, equity, justice, health, and well-being across the lifespan in all communities.

The graphical representation is on the right. It looks similar to a four-leaf clover. A light grey circle is behind the leaves of the clover, implying a connection between all areas. The AUCD ball logo sits in the middle of the clover, showing that AUCD is at the center of and connecting all four pieces. Each differently-colored leaf contains the text of one of the four focal areas of the strategic map:

  • Advance policies and practices that improve lives (orange)
  • Grow diverse and skilled leaders (green)
  • Model diversity, equity, and inclusion (purple)
  • Conduct and apply research and share knowledge (blue)

A small footer across the bottom contains AUCD's social information: and icons for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.