#DoNoHarm --> #SaveMedicaid!

The time to act is NOW

July 13, 2017


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The US Senate majority leadership unveiled the revised Better Care Reconciliation Act (BRCA).

The score on the cost and impact for this bill is likely to be released on July 17 with a vote expected July 20.
The time to act is now!

The bill still contains provisions to deconstruct, cap, and cut Medicaid by billions; it still allows for waivers to eliminate essential health care benefits and to disregard the prohibition to discriminate against pre-existing conditions; it still eliminates the incentive to provide HCBS; and it now contains a section that will create two risk pools-one that will segregate high health care need individuals from those with lower needs to fall short of the promise and commitment to community inclusion.

If these cuts are enacted into law, they will be very difficult to undo. The AUCD network has a deep understanding of the importance of Medicaid on the ground in every State, and we need to lift our voices every day between now and the Senate vote on the BCRA.

What we need to do now: call, e-mail, visit your Senators; write short stories about yourself, your child, your parent, your relatives, or your friends who have a disability and need the support of Medicaid and health care-include a picture with your story; video yourself and share your story on social media (make sure you include your Senator); ask friends and family to do the same. Use this toolkit for strategies, messages, and tools to educate your Senators about the critical importance of Medicaid-funded services and supports in your State and the need to #DoNoHarm to children, families, and people with disabilities who need health care and Medicaid. Join us.

Toolkit Contents

  • Target Senators & their contact information
  • Action Steps
  • Talking Points
  • Shareable Graphics
  • State Level Events Listing
  • Articles & STories to Share
  • Sample Tweets