Visit the Montana Autism Center

December 15, 2015

Collaboration between Montana's Act Early Ambassador and the UCEDD, the Rural Institute for Inclusive Communities, has resulted in the targeted distribution of nearly 4,000 CDC/Act Early milestones brochures and hundreds of milestones booklets. A provider in rural Montana said, "I brought a stack of...Act Early brochures and [the staff] were all lit up like Christmas trees...[the materials] are being used and have been viewed with impressive responses."

The Act Early state team in Montana is collaborating with the Part C agency to create professional development modules focused on periodic screening, assessment and evaluation. Recently, Montana's Act Early state team was given 3 hours to train all early head start providers across Montana, including those who serve in Indian Country communities. The Act Early state team focused on early and consistent screening. The state autism team has grown to 49 members in a year's time. The team's state plan development is nearing final stages. As part of its plan the team is building a single location for local, state and national autism resources and information. The virtual "Montana Autism Center" is a joint project between the UCEDD and the University of Montana College of Education and Human Sciences. Click here to visit the Montana Autism Center website.