LoneStar LEND (University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston)


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Project Summary:

Revise its current curriculum to support the inclusion of trainees with disabilities, launching a targeted marketing strategy that involves partnerships with local organizations and laying the groundwork for a Community Advisory Board that represents the full range of program stakeholders.

Objectives Accomplished:

  • Revised the current curriculum to support the inclusion of trainees with disabilities, leveraging a second-year trainee as peer-mentor
  • Built interagency partnerships with local organizations that serve individuals with disabilities (i.e. targeted marketing) and encourage these sites to refer applicants; grow the program's visibility within statewide self-advocacy community by participating as informational exhibitors at relevant conferences
  • Formed a Community Advisory Board that includes individuals with disabilities, who contribute a unique perspective and serve as established liaisons between the program and the self-advocacy community

Primary Contacts:

Prisca Franklin | [email protected]

Pauline Filipek | [email protected]