TASH Webinar Series on Engaging and Serving People of Color with Disabilities

Wednesday, October 3, 2007- Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Location: Webinar

Disability research shows high rates of disabilities for communities of color. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports high rates of intellectual disabilities for individuals of color. Down Syndrome is nearly doubled in Latino communities in comparison to whites and Intellectual Disabilities and Developmental Disability (ID/DD) is nearly doubled in black communities in comparison to whites. A literature review and discussions with consumers, families, and experts in the field suggests that Blacks and other people of color:
    • Have higher exposure to preventable risk factors for ID/DD;
    • Experience higher rates of ID/DD;
    • Are over-represented in special education;
    • Are under-represented in adult services;
    • Report receiving fewer services and supports of lesser quality
    • Have limited advocacy through any national organization of color addressing ID/DD;
    • Are under-represented on the boards, in the general membership, as staff, and as conference participants of national disability advocacy organizations; and
    • Have few national organizations of color that prioritize their issues.

While policy-makers, providers, and advocacy organizations have noted the need to enhance services and supports to these communities, the opportunities for review of best practices and effective strategies have been limited. The voices of self-advocates and families have frequently been isolated and provider inquiries for guidance and "research to practice" operational strategies have been unanswered. This frequently results in assumptions of "benign neglect", incompetence, or even racism.

Webinar objectives are:

  1. Raise awareness on the compounding interplay of race/ethnicity and disability;
  2. Provide information and tools for developing cultural competency in organizations; and
  3. Support "creating a voice" for individuals and families of color with disabilities.

The presenters include family members, educators, researchers, community leaders, executive directors of national disability organizations, and other individuals dedicated to enhancing the life experiences of individuals of color with disabilities.

    • What can you expect? Participants in the TASH webinar will
      Review epidemiological data on the incidence and prevalence of severe disabilities, including ethnic differences in risk exposure;
    • Discuss primary prevention strategies for ID/DD in communities of color;
    • Examine the life experiences of individuals of color with disabilities with focus on education;
    • Learn the impact of cultural norms and values on access and utilization of services;
    • Discuss strategies of national disability organizations regarding outreach to and inclusion of communities of color in organization's policy-making, education, and advocacy; and
    • Develop skills to engage their agency or organization to become culturally competent.

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