ABLE Basics: How it Works

ABLE Basics: How it Works


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Wednesday, October 10, 2018- Wednesday, October 10, 2018
1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. ET
Location: Webinar

Webinar Description

This webinar will inform self-advocates, family members, and other interested individuals about the basics of ABLE accounts.

Participants will learn about:

  • The challenges that led to the creation and passage of the ABLE Act;
  • The intended purpose of ABLE accounts;
  • The language of the ABLE Act and how it is being interpreted differently across states;
  • Who is eligible to open an ABLE account;
  • The differences between ABLE accounts and other sources of funding (e.g. trusts);
  • The relationship between ABLE accounts and other public benefits (e.g. SSI and Medicaid);
  • How to sign up for an ABLE account, put in money, and use money; and
  • What to do if you can't get an ABLE account in the state you live in.


David Bell is the Deputy Director of the Oregon Savings Network, a division of the Oregon State Treasury. He joined the Network in 2015 to help develop and launch the Oregon ABLE Savings Plan for people with disabilities. The Oregon Savings Network also oversees the Oregon College Savings Plan and the new state retirement program, OregonSaves. In addition to working for the Oregon Savings Network, David is an adjunct professor at Portland State University in the School of Business Administration. Before joining the Oregon Savings Network, David was the Director of Operations for the Global Youth Empowerment division of Operation HOPE, an international nonprofit focused on financial empowerment and capacity building. 


Bette Ann Mobley has worked with state and national organizations in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities for more than 35 years. She has served in many leadership roles supporting people with disabilities through advocacy, developing and implementing quality systems, and providing consultation to organizations that provide supports and services. She previously held the position as the Assistant Director for Programs with the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration where she was able to establish relationships with key stakeholders and leaders throughout Maryland. As Director of the Maryland ABLE program she is excited to be a part of the development and implementation of ABLE in Maryland and nationwide. Throughout this process Bette Ann welcomes input and feedback to ensure that the program is designed and implemented to help people with their investment and savings needs without jeopardizing their benefits.

Eric Ochmanek joined the Ohio Treasurer's Office in January 2015. As Deputy Chief of Staff, Eric manages numerous departments including Communications, Legislative and Policy Affairs, and Public Affairs. He also leads outreach efforts for STABLE Account, which continues to empower individuals with disabilities as the largest ABLE Program in the country. Eric was born and raised in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, and now resides with his wife, Claire, and three young sons in Ohio.