Walking Together Conference 2014: Christian Communities & Faithful Responses to Mental Illness

Thursday, February 6, 2014- Saturday, February 8, 2014
Location: Houston, TX

Website Link  http://www.reimagininglifetogether.org/event/walking-together-conference/

  • How can Christian communities walk with and alongside persons with mental illness - both those who are already part of Christian communities and those who are not?
  • How can citizens of Houston think creatively and transformatively about the role of faith communities in the care of persons with mental illness?
  • How can we minister to those people affected by the mental illness of a loved one?

Over three days in February, the Walking Together conference will convene nationally recognized scholars and local community leaders to explore these questions. On the first two days, we will consider powerful accounts from various Christian communities throughout history, looking at revolutionary and creative ways that these communities cared for persons with what would now be called mental illness. On the third day, a Saturday, these stories will spark new ideas and inaugurate a community-wide conversation where we reimagine together our contemporary healing work.