Partnerships in Practice: A Look at Successful Models of Partnership Between Regional Collaboratives and LEND Programs

Partnerships in Practice: A Look at Successful Models of Partnership Between Regional Collaboratives and LEND Programs


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Thursday, April 26, 2012
2:30pm EST - 3:30pm EST
Location: webinar

The webinar was developed in partnership between the American College of Medical Genetics National Coordinating Center for Regional Genetic and Newborn Screening Service Collaboratives and AUCD. The webinar will focus on the following objectives:

1.    Share successful models of partnership between LEND Programs and Regional Collaboratives;
2.    Identify ways to initiate and sustain a relationship with your Regional Collaborative or LEND program.

Speakers included:

John Moeschler, MD

Dr. Moeschler is Director of Clinical Genetics and Professor of Pediatrics at Dartmouth Medical School. He is also the Director of the New Hampshire LEND Program. Dr. Moeschler received his MD from the University of Nebraska and completed his Fellowship in Developmental Pediatrics at the University of Washington. In 1984, he was Board Certified in Medical Genetics. In 2005, Dr. Moeschler received his M.S. in HealthCare Improvement from the Center for Evaluative Clinical Studies at Dartmouth. He chairs the Advisory Committee on Newborn Screening for the State of New Hampshire and is PI on a CDC funded Birth Defects Registry. Dr. Moeschler also serves as the PI on the MCH funded NH Leadership Education in Neuro-developmental Disabilities (LEND) program which is a collaborative project between Dartmouth Medical School, Department of Pediatrics and the UNH School of Health and Human Services including the IOD. He has worked extensively on the island of Guam and in Micronesia providing technical assistance to MCH and Special Education to develop clinical and follow-up systems for children with disabilities. Dr. Moeschler participated in the Dartmouth Moral Philosophy project funded by ELSI (NHGRI) that resulted in the publication of the book "Morality and the New Genetics" and has published extensively in the field of clinical genetic and developmental disabilities.

Louise Kido Iwaishi

Louise Kido Iwaishi, MD has been Program Director of the Hawaii MCH LEND Program since 1994. She is the Director of the Community Pediatrics Institute, Department of Pediatrics, University of Hawaii; Medical Director of the Family Health Services Division(Title V Agency), Department of Health; and Chief of Pediatrics at the Shriners Hospitals for Children-Honolulu Unit. Dr. Iwaishi provides consultation to the State Departments of Health, Education and Human Services and participates in numerous local, state and national organizations related to Children with Special Health Care Needs. She attended Pomona College, California, and the John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii.

 Lori Dean

Lori is a certified genetic counselor, assistant professor, program manager for the Heartland Collaborative, and interim chair of the genetic counseling department at the University of Arkansas for the Medical Sciences.  Lori's professional interests are in education, public health genomics, the use of complementary and alternative medicine in the treatment of genetic conditions, and pastoral care. 

Jeanine Schulze

Jeanine Schulze is a genetic counseling graduate student at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. She was a LEND trainee from January to December of 2011, and in that time had the opportunity to expand her knowledge of interdisciplinary healthcare while assisting other disciplines in understanding diverse genetic concepts. She is currently completing her thesis in collaboration with the Heartland Regional Genetics and Newborn Screening Collaborative on the topic of healthcare transition.  Jeanine is a Chicago native, and hopes to return there upon graduation in May 2012.  During this webinar, Jeanine will discuss her research and day-to-day experiences working with both the LEND program and the Heartland Regional Collaborative.  She will also provide a student's perspective on the integration of genetics into LEND programs.