Act Early Region V Summit

Monday, September 27, 2010- Tuesday, September 28, 2010
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Thank you for attending the Region V Summit!

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State Materials

State of the State [PDF, 694KB]
State Plan
Outcomes Presentation

State of the State [PDF, 418KB]
State Plan [PDF, 159KB]
Outcomes Presentation [PDF, 418KB]

State of the State [PDF, 131KB]
State Plan [PDF, 275KB]
Outcomes Presentation [PDF, 524KB]

State of the State [PDF, 588KB]
State Plan [PDF, 67KB]
Outcomes Presentation [PDF, 896KB]

State of the State [PDF, 1779KB]
State Plan [PDF, 286KB]
Outcomes Presentation
 [PDF, 271KB]

State of the State [PDF, 1011KB]
State Plan [PDF, 293KB]
Outcomes Presentation [PDF, 756KB]

Meeting Materials

Agenda [PDF, 443KB]
Participant List [PDF, 869KB]

"Thinking BIG About Autism" Peter Doehring [PDF, 2818KB]

Speaker Presentations 
AMCHP Presentation [PDF, 1931KB]
Help Me Grow Presentation [PDF, 709KB]
PROJECT LAUNCH Presentation [PDF, 447KB]
Learn the Signs. Act Early Presentation [PDF, 2068KB]
CAAI Presentation [PDF, 745KB]
Autism Related Legislative Update [PDF, 392KB]
The ADDM Network [PDF, 2918KB]

Travel Reimbursements and Guidelines
Travel Reimbursement Guidelines

Travel Reimbursement Form


Please contact Jennifer Bogin or Danielle Edson with any additional questions about this event.


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