Built Environment Instruments Addressing Health Promoting Behaviors

Wednesday, September 9, 2009- Wednesday, September 9, 2009
11:30am Eastern - 12:30pm Eastern
Location: Online

UDHP staff have been examining instruments which measure the built environment, defined as a community's urban design, transportation, and recreational options within a geographical space, which may affect individuals' physical activity levels.

The project has consisted of two major goals:

1) Identifying subject domain overlap across the 81 reviewed instruments: We have focused on the main subject domain areas of (1) the Built Environment Infrastructure, (2) Walkability, (3) Bikeability, and (4) Recreational Sites and Structures. Survey items have been catalogued in each of these domains and sub-domains, and evaluated based on universal design features.

2) Conducting a detailed review of each of the instruments: Instrument abstractions include information such as instrument purpose, instrument development methods, sub-domains covered, psychometrics, and whether disability issues are included. We have identified 19 instruments which explicitly consider disability issues.


Jennifer Gray-Stanley, PhD, MPP 

James Rimmer, PhD


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