Respite Care in Central Nebraska

NE-Munroe-Meyer Institute of Genetics & Rehabilitation, UCEDD/LEND
Program Type LEND,UCEDD Fiscal Year 2011
Contact Torri Smith-Terjal, MA
Phone 402-559-0632    
Project Description
Central Nebraska families and service providers have identified a need for additional training addressing behavioral concerns of young children with disabilities. This project will provide training to respite providers who provide services for children and/or adolescents with developmental disabilities. We expect to train 20 respite providers at each of three locations (60 total). The training will cover how to maintain, manage and facilitate appropriate behavior of the children for which they provide respite care.

The goal of the program is to give respite providers the needed skills and knowledge base to feel more comfortable in a behavioral situation as well as giving the parents of these children peace of mind that their child?s behavioral concerns can be handled appropriately. By the end of the training, participants will be able to implement antecedent strategies and execute a variety of behavior management techniques to implement with children falling into several age ranges. Pre and post measures will be used to assess the satisfaction and effectiveness of the training workshops at each location.