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Position Name State Phone Email
Data Abhari, Kaveh, PhD HI 808-956-3982 [email protected]
Data Aguigui, Michelle, M.Ed. GU 671-735-2489 [email protected]
Data Andrews, Jennifer, MBA AZ 520-626-8616 [email protected]
Data Ashford, Anne Marie NH 603-228-2084 [email protected]
Data Barger, Brian, PhD GA 404-413-3500 [email protected]
Data Beckmann, Cynthia, MM AZ 602-370-8492 [email protected]
Data Benigno, Jaclyn MO 573-882-2077 [email protected]
Data Black-Magnussen, Jessica, BBA KS 785-864-0597 [email protected]
NIRS Data Coordinator Bliss, Stacey MT 406-243-5760 [email protected]
Data Calderon, Kary CA 310-825-5797 [email protected]
Data Carpenter, Diana AK 907-264-6265 [email protected]
Data Carroll, Robyn, MSW NJ 732-235-9310 [email protected]
Data Chinn, Chuan, Ph.D. HI 808-956-5379 [email protected]
Data Coyle, Nina, BSPH TN 615-875-3186 [email protected]
Data Cronin, Rachel, M.A. VT 802-656-2499 [email protected]
Data Cummings, Larrisa AK 907-264-6279 [email protected]
Data Dávila, Natalia , B.S SD 760-336-1605 [email protected]
Data Defrancisco, Catherine MD 443-923-9163 [email protected]
Data Dinora, Parthenia, PhD. VA 804-827-0016 [email protected]
Data Dorman, Leslie HI 808-956-2673 [email protected]
MNLEND Data and Reports Director
Dosch Brown, Rebecca, MFA MN 612-301-3438 [email protected]
Data Dunkin, Adele, MCD, CCC-SLP TN 901-448-6511 [email protected]
Data Ellerbusch, Kellie, BLA NE 402-559-4892 [email protected]
Data Figueroa, Ricardo, BBA PR 787-758-2525 x-1541 [email protected]
Data Fleming, Laurie TN 866-936-8852 [email protected]
Data Foster, Kelly, BS NH 603-862-0561 [email protected]
Data Franklin, Prisca TX 713-500-3637 [email protected]
Data Gooden, Caroline, PhD KY 859-257-2081 [email protected]
NIRS Data Coordinator
Hager, Tamara, BS OH 614-685-3196 [email protected]
Data Hallas, Libby, MS MN 612-625-9700 [email protected]
Data Harnden, Angela, Ph.D. OK 405-271-4500 41007 [email protected]
UCEDD/LEND Data Coordinator Hennessy, Victoria OH 513-803-3627 [email protected]
Data Heung, Kelly, Ph.D. CA 916-703-0447 [email protected]
Data Holmes, Renee, RN AR 479-871-2836 [email protected]
Data Holterman, Leigh Ann, Ph.D. VT 802-656-0204 [email protected]
Data Iizumi, Staci, MA CA 323-361-3834 [email protected]
LEND Program and Data Coordinator Jackson, Emma MN 401-269-1398 [email protected]
Data James, Cristina, BS IN 317-944-4846 [email protected]
Data Jinnah, Hamida, Ph.D GA 706-542-3457 [email protected]
Data Johnson, Dina, MA CO 303-724-7673 [email protected]
Data Lamar, Roxann, M.S. AK 907-264-6238 [email protected]
Data Larzelere, Diane, BA CA 916-703-0268 [email protected]
Data Lemanowicz, James PA 215-204-6562 [email protected]
Coordinator of Operations, Data Coordinator Mack, Susie ND 701-858-3009 [email protected]
Data Marino, Debra, MBA, MS NY 914-493-2702 [email protected]
Data Masga, Floyd, M.Ed. MP 670-234-5498 [email protected]
Data Masse, Richard, MPH WA 206-685-4356 [email protected]
Data McKinlay, George, MS NV 775-338-4810 [email protected]
Interoperability Data Manager
Mendiola, Joseph, B.S. GU 671-735-2368 [email protected]
Data Mills, Kimberly, PH.D., BCBA-D VI 340-692-4265 [email protected]
Data Miyamoto, Kristiann HI 808-369-1240 [email protected]
Data Murphy, Cari, Ph.D. ID 208-885-6132 [email protected]
Data Myhren, Katelyn, MS, MBA NY 914-493-1235 [email protected]
Data Nye-Lengerman, Kelly, Ph.D., MSW NH 603-862-4320 [email protected]
Support Staff, Data Management Specialist Panicci, Bernice, Bachelor of Science RI 401-456-4773 [email protected]
Data Park, Hye-Jin HI 808-347-6134 [email protected]
Data Park, Hye-Jin AS 808-347-6134 [email protected]
Data Petrovia, Dianna MD 443-923-9187 [email protected]
Data Power, Sherry KY 859-257-1779 [email protected]
Data Rada, Nicole VA 804-827-0200 [email protected]
Data Ramos, Jeanette NY 718-839-7159 [email protected]
Data Ray, Rachel, M.A. NE 402-559-3673 [email protected]
Data Renfroe, Matt, BA KY 859-257-4357 [email protected]
Data Rodriguez, Kira, MHS ME 907-360-8687 [email protected]
Data Rodriguez Lopez, Laura, M.Ed. FL 813-974-3126 [email protected]
Data Ruiz Mangas, Ivania Belen VT 802-656-0204 [email protected]
Data Russell, Susan, M.S. ME 207-581-1231 [email protected]
Data Russell, Susan, M.S. NH 207-581-1381 [email protected]
Data Salameh , Janine , MPH IL 312-996-8905 [email protected]
UCEDD/LEND Data coordinator
Sanchez, Javier TX 512-232-0758 [email protected]
Data Sannicandro, Tom, JD, PhD MA 617-287-4386 [email protected]
Data Savage, Jenny AZ 520-626-7601 [email protected]
NIRS Data Coordinator
Schears, Julie WI 608-265-2063 [email protected]
Data Schenker, Lauren, MPH, CHES CA 323-361-8853 [email protected]
Data Sears, Julie , M Ed TN 423-439-7671 [email protected]
Executive Administrator and Data Coordinator
Smith, Bruce, MA MS 601-432-6876 [email protected]
Data Smith, Frank A. MA 617-287-4374 [email protected]
Support Staff, Data Management Specialist Sollecito, Elaine RI 401-456-8072 [email protected]
Data Soto, Sharon IN 812-855-6508 [email protected]
Statistical Data Analyst
Souders, Daniel D., MBA FL 813-974-2642 [email protected]
Data Stazio, Laura, MSEE LA 504-556-7563 [email protected]
Data Stober, Kaitlin, MS IL 312-413-4102 [email protected]
Data Stoffmacher, Beth, BA CA 310-825-5054 [email protected]
Data Stollon, Natalie, MSW PA 215-279-1310 [email protected]
Data Temple, Julie, MLS IA 319-353-8869 [email protected]
Data Terzian, Sharon, BFA, BS, MA RI 401-456-4731 [email protected]
Data Thornton, Melanie, MA, CPACC AR 501-291-3217 [email protected]
Data Tognazzini, Annette OR 541-346-1393 [email protected]
Data Tom, Tammy, MA, MS HI 808-956-9039 [email protected]
Data Toure, Drissa, MD, PhD, MPH NE 402-559-9661 [email protected]
Support Staff, Data Management Coordinator Tuttle, Erika, BA RI 401-456-8072 [email protected]
Data Villaluna, Keith, B.B.A. GU 671-735-2516 [email protected]
Data Vinoski Thomas, Erin, PhD, MPH GA 404-413-1346 [email protected]
Data Wetmore, Amy, BA PA 412-692-6538 [email protected]
Data Wooldridge, Natilie, Bachelor of Science AR 870-818-7424 [email protected]
Data Yoshino, Larissa, MPH OR 503-494-7410 [email protected]

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