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Mailman Center for Child Development
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Department of Pediatrics
Department of Pediatrics (D-820)
P.O. Box 016820
Miami, FL 33101
Main Phone:  305-243-6801
Main Fax:  305-243-5978
Main Email:  [email protected]
Website:  http://mailmancenter.org
AUCD State Profile: AUCD FL State Profile.pdf
Mailman Center for Child Development
Mailman Center for Child Development
University of Miami School of Medicine
Department of Pediatrics
1601 NW 12th Ave, Room 3038A
Miami, FL 33136
Main Phone:  305-243-6801
Main Fax:  305-243-5978
Website:  http://mailmancenter.org
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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Daniel Armstrong, Ph.D. 305-243-6801 [email protected]
LEND Director Jeffrey Brosco, MD, Ph.D. 305-243-3371 [email protected]
LEND Director Jennifer Durocher 305-555-5555 [email protected]
Associate UCEDD Director Michelle Schladant, Ph.D. 305-243-4466 [email protected]
Associate LEND Director Michelle Schladant, Ph.D. 305-243-4466 [email protected]
Lead Administrative Staff
Director of Leadership Initiatives Shelly Baer, MSW, LCSW 305-689-7058 [email protected]
Primary Activity Coordinators
Clinical Services Ivette Cejas 305-243-3564 [email protected]
Clinical Services Lisa Gwynn, D.O., M.B.A., FAAP, CPE 305-243-3440 [email protected]
Clinical Services Yanerys Leon 305-284-8760 [email protected]
Clinical Services Luiza Mali 305-243-6882 [email protected]
Clinical Services Allison Weinstein, Ph.D. 305-243-0235 [email protected]
Community Education Director Jason Jent, Ph.D. 305-243-7550 [email protected]
Distance Learning Roselyne Antao 305-243-6135 [email protected]
Early Intervention Michelle Berkovits, Ph.D. 305-243-6660 [email protected]
Medical Director Eugene Hershorin, MD 305-243-8522 [email protected]
Medical Director Yanerys Leon 305-284-8760 [email protected]
Pediatric Services Janelle Azaret, MD 305-243-6123 [email protected]
Pediatric Services Eileen Davis 305-243-0820 [email protected]
Research Jill Ehrenreich, Ph.D. 555-555-5555 [email protected]
Research Yanerys Leon 305-284-8760 [email protected]
Research Director Alan Delamater, Ph.D. 305-243-6857 [email protected]
Technical Assistance Yanerys Leon 305-284-8760 [email protected]
Training Director Cristina L Pujol, M.S., CCC-SLP 305-243-6204 [email protected]
Discipline Coordinators
Assistive Technology Ana Nevares, MA 305-243-5706 [email protected]
Audiology Robert Fifer, Ph.D. 305-243-2886 [email protected]
Dentistry/Pediatric Dentistry Dina Varon, DDS, MS 305-243-6631 [email protected]
Family Roselyne Antao 305-243-6135 [email protected]
Genetics Deborah Barbouth, MD 305-243-6048 [email protected]
Nursing Kenya Snowden 305-284-4135 [email protected]
Nutrition Stephanie (Meyer) Hacker, MS, RD, LDN, CNSC 305-243-9701 [email protected]
Occupational Therapy Douglene Jackson, PhD 305-243-9793 [email protected]
Parent/Family Resources Nancy Torres 243-6801 [email protected]
Pediatrics Jeffrey Brosco, MD, Ph.D. 305-243-3371 [email protected]
Pediatrics Eileen Davis 305-243-0820 [email protected]
Pediatrics Lisa Gwynn, D.O., M.B.A., FAAP, CPE 305-243-3440 [email protected]
Pediatrics Walter Lambert, MD 305-243-7550 [email protected]
Pediatrics Connie Morrow, Ph.D. 305-243-4078 [email protected]
Pediatrics: Developmental/Neonatology Christine Navarrete 305-585-6408 [email protected]
Physical Therapy Martha Bloyer, Doctor of Physical Therapy 305-284-9295 [email protected]
Psychiatry Barbara Coffey, M.D. 305-243-2759 [email protected]
Psychology Jason Jent, Ph.D. 305-243-7550 [email protected]
Psychology Yanerys Leon 305-284-8760 [email protected]
Psychology Elana Mansoor, PsyD 305-243-8425 [email protected]
Psychology Maite Schenker, PhD 305-243-4375 [email protected]
Psychology Allison Weinstein, Ph.D. 305-243-0235 [email protected]
Psychology: Developmental Yanerys Leon 305-284-8760 [email protected]
Public Health Shelly Baer, MSW, LCSW 305-689-7058 [email protected]
Social Work Julieta Hernandez, Ph.D., LCSW 305-243-6864 [email protected]
Special Education Michelle Schladant, Ph.D. 305-243-4466 [email protected]
Speech-Language Pathology Cristina L Pujol, M.S., CCC-SLP 305-243-6204 [email protected]
Specialty Resource Contacts
Associate Director, Community Engagement Douglene Jackson, PhD 305-243-9793 [email protected]
Co-Creator, Disability Awareness and Sensitivity for Healthcare (DASH) Training Ashley Falcon 305-284-6026 [email protected]
Co-Director, Life Span Interprofessional Collaborative Shelly Baer, MSW, LCSW 305-689-7058 [email protected]
Director, Community Wellness Interprofessional Collaborative Ruby Natale, Ph.D. 305-243-6624 [email protected]
Director, Cultural Humility Training and Practice Kimberly Reynolds 305-243-3856 [email protected]
Director, Neurodevelopment Discovery Science Interprofessional Collaborative Robert Fifer, Ph.D. 305-243-2886 [email protected]
Director, Neurodevelopment Intervention Science Interprofessional Collaborative Michelle Berkovits, Ph.D. 305-243-6660 [email protected]
Director, Promoting Positive Behavior Interprofessional Collaborative Elizabeth Pulgaron, Ph.D. 305-243-6857 [email protected]
Director, Psychological Assessment Services Monica Dowling, Ph.D. 305-243-6857 [email protected]
Internal Medicine-Pediatrics, Transition Clinic for Adults with Disabilities Anjali Saxena, MD 678-756-8607 [email protected]
Project Manager, Family Navigator Nancy Torres 243-6801 [email protected]
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
Clinical Psychologist, Hematology Winsome Thompson, Ph.D. 305-243-0848 [email protected]
Coordinator, Interdisciplinary Development Evaluation Services (IDES) Nancy Cruz, MS Ed 305-243-5706 [email protected]
Director, Ancillary Services Deaf and Hard of Hearing Programs Lynn Miskiel 305-243-6221 [email protected]
Director, Assistive Technology Services Michelle Schladant, Ph.D. 305-243-4466 [email protected]
Director, Child Protection Team Walter Lambert, MD 305-243-7550 [email protected]
Director, Debbie Institute Kathleen Vergara, MA 305-243-5804 [email protected]
Director, Division of Adolescent Medicine Lawrence Friedman, MD 305-243-5880 [email protected]
Director, Family Navigator Program Maite Schenker, PhD 305-243-4375 [email protected]
Director, UM Team Coach Dainelys Garcia, Ph.D. 305-243-6857 [email protected]
Project Manager, Step Up AT for Early Literacy Christina Sudduth, MPH 305-243-3274 [email protected]
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