Development of a Multicenter International Collaborative Network for the Study of Rare Eosinophil-Mediated Disorders

Date: 7/18/2007

Location: Snowbird, UT
Contact: Amy Klion, M.D., (301) 435-8903

Description: The goal of this workshop is to begin to provide the framework for further collaborative clinical research studies of rare eosinophil-mediated diseases. In the short term, it is hoped that the interactions between multidisciplinary clinical and basic science researchers interested in eosinophil-mediated disease will lead to the initiation of several small, multicenter trials addressing the most important issues identified during the workshop. The development of a consensus research definition is key to this process. The long-term goal of this workshop is to begin to set up a more formal multicenter network for the study of eosinophil-mediated rare diseases. Rare disease(s) represented include hypereosinophilic syndrome, eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders (EGID), Churg-Straus vasculitis, eosinophilic pneumonia, and episodic angioedema and eosinophilia (Gleich's syndrome).

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