Gabriel Dichter, PhD, (UNC UCEDD/LEND/IDDRC), Awarded the 2011 Vanderbilt University Randolph Blake Early Career Award for the Psychological Sciences

Gabriel DichterDr. Dichter received his PhD from Vanderbilt University in 2004 where he trained with Andrew J. Tomarken, PhD, studying the use of psychophysiology markers, including resting state EEG and affective modulation of the startle eyeblink response, as indicators of risk and treatment response for mood disorders.

Since coming to UNC, Dr. Dichter has applied these techniques as well as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study cognitive and affective processes in mood disorders and autism. Dr. Dichter currently holds a career development award from NIMH to use fMRI to study the neurobiological mechanisms of action of treatments for autism. This research is mentored by UNC's Dr. James W. Bodfish and is conducted with the support of the CIDD.

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