D - Neuroscience

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development
D - Neuroscience

Center URL: http://vkc.mc.vanderbilt.edu/vkc/
Core URL: http://vkc.mc.vanderbilt.edu/vkc/iddrc/core_d/

Core Personnel
Core Director: Ronald Emeson, Ph.D.
Core Associate Director: Fiona Harrison, Ph.D.
Researcher: Ariel Deutch, Ph.D.
Researcher: Jeffrey Schall, Ph.D.
Rodent Behavior Specialist: John Allison, Ph.D.
Core Staff: Ginger Milne, Ph.D.
Core Staff: Bruce Williams

Core Description

Objectives are to provide investigators with core facilities and services to support biomedical research; to facilitate interdisciplinary neuroscience collaborations; and to provide access to emerging technologies.


Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping
Provides VKC investigators with access to and training in modern behavioral phenotyping methods through the Vanderbilt Murine Neurobehavioral Laboratory.

Services include various analytical assays, including HPLC/MS methods for measurement of neurotransmitters, biogenic amines, amino acids, and other neurochemicals. Furthermore, we provide consultations and training to our investigators

Molecular Neurobiology and Genomics
Provides equipment, methodology consultation, and reagents that assist in the introduction of transgenes for transient transfection, and in the localization of transgene and endogenous gene products.

Scientific Instrumentation
Design and construction of specialized scientific research equipment.

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