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The Genetics Core is designed to assist IDDRC Research Affiliates integrate state-of-the-art genomic methods into their existing research programs. Research Affiliates can now employ the full range of genomic tools to improve diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of IDD syndromes caused by factors ranging from genetics defects, to environmental toxin exposure, to preterm birth. A key feature of the Genetics Core is the coordination of the services available in other units of the University of Washington (see Linked and Coordinated Services).

The Genetics Core has two components: (1) the Human Genomics Component which supports technologies to identify all types of human genetic variation including copy number microarrays, targeted next generation sequencing (NGS), and whole exome sequencing; (2) the Functional Genomics Component which assists investigators to study global gene expression, non-coding RNAs, and proteomics. Extensive bioinformatics services are provided by both components.


  1. Provide direct proactive consultation to IDDRC affiliates regarding the integration of new and emerging genomics technologies into their research programs, addressing issues associated with sample preparation, study design, statistics, and data interpretation;
  2. Provide direct bioinformatics and statistical support for a variety of experimental designs for DNA (sequence DNA methylation, histone methylation), RNA (gene expression, transcript variants, untranslated RNA expression), and protein/metabolite data;
  3. Coordinate access for affiliates to cost-effective, state-of-the-art genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, proteomics, and other technologies;
  4. Facilitate collaborations between affiliates and genetics and genomics investigators at the University of Washington to enhance existing studies and to foster innovation; and
  5. Directly assist with grant and manuscript preparation

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