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The Clinical Translational Core (CTC) is designed to provide Research Affiliates with access to resources that facilitate the translation of research findings into the clinical setting. A major partner is the leadership at the Institute of Translational Health Sciences (ITHS), our regional entity supported by a Clinical and Translational Sciences Award. The overarching goal of the CTC is to accelerate the progress of translational research by CHDD Research Affiliates; that cycle is illustrated in the future and incorporates our existing Cores, ITHS services, and consulting services.

The Core Goals are:

  • Provide direction and coordination for translational projects utlizing CHDD Cores, ITHS programs, and/or related UW resources;
  • Establish and maintain an IDD Research Navigator Service for CHDD Research Affiliates to obtain facilitated access to key services and resources that will advance their translational research goals;
  • Provide consultation on several key aspects of IDD-specific translational research including:
    • moving from gene identification to functional assays amenable to a compound screening approach
    • CNS specific approaches to understanding pharmacokinetics and toxicology
    • developing new animal models
    • identification of special issues regarding clinical research in IDD populations including access and ethics;
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of the process and practice of translational research among CHDD Research Affiliates through educational seminars and research symposia;
  • Promote the development of research collaborations among basic scientists, clinical researchers, and practicing clinicians working on common problems; and
  • Educate the CHDD Research Affiliate community on how to organize their research programs towards advancing diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or amelioration of Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD).

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