Diane Behl, MEd

Center for Persons with Disabilities
University Center for Excellence in Disabilities
Utah State University
6800 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-6800
Phone: 435-797-1224
Email: [email protected]
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Last Updated: December 08, 2009


Specialty Resource Contacts: Participatory Action Research
Children with Special Health Care Needs
Community partnerships
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts: Champions for Inclusive Communities
Discipline(s): Education: Early Intervention/Early Childhood
Disability Studies
Family Studies
Education/Special Education
AUCD Council Membership: Council on Research and Evaluation
Research: Participatory Action Research, community-campus partnerships, focus group methdologies
Education: Training and technical assistance for state and community level policy makers, providers, and family leaders; continuous quality improvement
Service: Engaging partners and citizens to improve community services and supports; increase public awareness of disability issues and importance of inclusion


Diane Behl is a Senior Researcher at the Early Intervention Research Institute (EIRI) and is involved in the development and evaluation of numerous systems building efforts, particularly Champions for Inclusive Communities, funded by the federal Division of Services for Children with Special Health Needs (DSCSHN). She has served on other DSCSHN-funded projects which focused on the application of a continuous quality improvement process for community-based systems of services. Additionally, she has investigated the effectiveness of care coordination through studies such as An Outcomes-based Approach to Evaluating Part C Service Coordination models and the effectiveness of medical homes for children with special needs. All of these projects have required the application of Participatory Action Research strategies whereby families and community stakeholders work as partners in the design, implementation, and interpretation of the research. In addition to these projects, Ms. Behl has extensive expertise in child and family assessments, including developing training and certification procedures for diagnosticians, and interpreting assessment results. She has first-hand knowledge and experience with children with special needs based on her nine years as a special education teacher. She has disseminated her research activities via numerous publications and conference presentations.