Christy Jackson X PAST EMPLOYEE Carroll, PhD

North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities
Minot State University
Memorial Hall 203
500 University Avenue West
Minot, ND 58707
Phone: 701-858-3121
Email: [email protected]
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Last Updated: February 04, 2010

Christy Jackson X PAST EMPLOYEE Carroll

Leadership Administrative Staff: Associate Director of Development
Primary Activity Coordinators: Research Director
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts: Maternal Health Needs Assessment
Discipline(s): Psychology
Education/Special Education
Human Development/Child Development
Education: General
Mental and Behavioral Health
AUCD Council Membership: Council for Interdisciplinary Service
Council on Research and Evaluation
Research: TBI, Abuse and Neglect, Wounded Warriors
Education: Ph.D. in Special Education and Technology
Service: TBI Advisory Board, FamNet Advisory Board, Mayor's Council on Aging, Mental Health Board of AL, U.S. Department of Education Reviewer


Collaborator, Carroll, Christy

                                                            Biographical Sketch

Ph.D. Added Cognitive Psychology, Alabama A&M University, Normal, AL, May 2003

Graduate Work in Computer Science, UAH, 18 hours, Huntsville, AL, December 1996

Ph.D., University of Alabama at Tuscaloose, (Concentration in Technology, Test Assessment, and Special Education), Tuscaloosa, AL, May 1991

Master's Certification In Supervisiont (K-12), University of North AL, Florence, AL,  August 1988

Master's Certification in Administration (K-12), University of North AL, Florence, AL,   August 1987

Master's Certification in Mental Retardation (K-12), University of North AL, Florence, AL, August 1986

Master's Certification English, Auburn/University & UNA, Auburn & Florence, AL 

Master of Arts Learning Disabilities (K-12), University of North AL, Florence, AL, August 1980-88

Bachelor of Science, English/Theater, Auburn University, Auburn AL, August 1977


Research and Professional Experience

09/01/2008 - Present - Associate Director of Development, NDCPD, and Minot State University.

Grants and Proposal Consultant, 2005-08.  Grant writing and proposals for the State of Alabama SASD Division and serving as a site reviewer for substance abuse programs.  Alabama Department of SASD, Montgomery, AL.

Lead BAA Writer, 2007.  Funded with NAVAIR in December 2007 in conjunction with Aberdeen Test Center.

Grants and Proposal Consultant, 2006.Evaluated proposals for funding in different states for cognitive psychology.  U.S. Department of Education, Washington, D.C.

Grants and Proposal Consultant, 2005.Evaluated proposals for funding in different states for middle school magnet programs.  U.S. Department of Education, Washington, D.C.

Grants and Proposal Consultant, 2004.  Currently evaluating proposals for funding in different states for middle school magnet programs.  U.S. Department of Education, Washington, D.C.

Grants and Proposal Consultant, 2002- 2003.  Currently evaluating proposals for funding in different states for disadvantaged and special education students.  U.S. Department of Education, Washington, D.C.

In-service Trainer 2002, Special Education trainer in dyslexia and special needs for various schools with the De Kalb School System.

Consultant, Franklin County Schools 2001-2002.  Students with Special Needs and Transition to Adult Work and Schools.

Program Evaluator, 1999 Follow-up Mini-Conference for Alabama Teachers, the International Space Station, and Education.  (February-May, 1999).  Assist in development and implementation of curricula, evaluation, and follow-up for Alabama teachers in Exploring Space: the Classroom Connection.  Responsible for final evaluation report presented to project director, the Alabama Commission on Higher Education, and the Alabama State Department of Education.

Program Evaluator to Exploring Space:  The Classroom Connection.  (June 1, 1998 - January 31, 1999)  Responsibilities:  Assist in the development and implementation of curricula, evaluation, and follow-up for teachers in Exploring Space: the Classroom Connection.  Specific duties include designing and conducting program evaluations, evaluating teacher/student assignments, such as final web project design, reflection papers, and assignment of grades for approximately 270 participants.  

Projector Director:  Autism Clinic, 1991-1995.

Project Evaluation Team:  Space Orientation for Professional Educators (SOPE).   (Summer 1996 to February, 1997).  A three-semester credit hour graduate course for elementary and secondary teachers offered by the University of Alabama in Huntsville in conjunction with the U. S. Space and Rocket Center, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, and the corporate community .

Project Evaluator to a Program for Reform:  Teaching Middle Level Science and Technology for Understanding.  (1994-95).   A National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Marshall Space Flight Center sponsored program for professional development and curriculum development for middle school science teachers in four school districts.            

Project Evaluator (internal) to the Hands-On Activity Science Program (HASP).  (1992-1995).   A National Science Foundation (NSF) sponsored program for elementary level teachers in six school districts in the Huntsville and Madison County, Morgan County, Decatur, Athens, Scottsboro, and Ft. Payne, AL areas.  (Responsibility:  Monitor the concerns of teachers implementing HASP using the Concerns-Based Adoption Model for innovation implementation.

Faculty Consultant to the Johnson Research Center, UAH.  (1991-92). Task:  Provide educational expertise to area teachers during development of a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Energy Sourcebook for Primary Grades, K-2.           

Principal Investigator.  Technical and Theoretical Foundations of Learning Activities with Modeling.  Center for Innovative Learning Technologies, 2006-07 ($20,000)

Co-principal investigator Automated text simplification to increase access to Web information for people with cognitive disabilities.  Google, 2006, $55K.

Investigator, Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center for Cognitive Technology.  National Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research, 2004-2006, $500,000.

Co-principal Investigator the Digital Common space.  National Science Foundation, 2000-2004 ($55,000)

Co-principal investigator (with N. Signer, M. Eisenberg), Enhancing Children's Understanding of Science through Collaborative Creation of Animated Pictorial Models, National Science Foundation, 1995-1998 ($1,060,342).

State of Alabama, SASD Proposal, 2007 ($50,000)

State of Alabama, SASD Proposal, 2006. ($50,000)

U.S. Department of Education, Washington, D.C.  2005-07.

Teacher Mentor.  Carl Perkins Grant for Teacher Mentors, 2004.

Principal Investigator.  Eleanor Roosevelt Humanities Grant for International Research, 2004.

Trainer.  Pathwise Mentor Grant, 2003-04.

Principal Investigator.  Arkansas State Assessor Grant, 2004.

University Coordinator.  Searcy at Risk Program 2003-04.

Principle Investigator:  UAH Research Institute 1996-97 Mini-Grant Award (January - October 1996-97) Project Title:  Computer Research Opportunity Program (CROP) Evaluation Study.


Autism Resource Specialist, UAH, Supporting school teams diagnosis and programming for individuals with autism.  In-service and training.  Crisis intervention and behavioral problem solving, 2002-2008.

Autism Consultant, Autism Support Services.  Providing consultation to schools, parents and agencies to assess, program and create supports that enable individuals with autism to be successful.  Training, workshops, keynotes and presentations in autism, 1991-2008.

Cognitive Psychologist, Trideum, 2006-Present.

Site Reviewer and Proposal Writer, State of Alabama, SASD, 2006-Present.

Cognitive Psychologist and Quality Assurance Manager, AIC, 2000-2006.

Associate Professor of Philosophical Foundations, Athens State University, 2004-2006.

Associate Professor of Elementary and Mid-level Education, Arkansas State University, 2003-2004.

Associate Professor of Special Education & Coordinator of MLH Program, Department of Special Education; Alabama A&M University;  January 1, 1991 - December 12, 1993.

Director of Special Education, Huntsville City Schools; September 1, 1990 - July 1, 1991.

Assistant Professor of Special Education, Department of Special Education; University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa; December 1, 1989 - December 31, 1990.

Computer Specialist/Programmer, Johnson Brothers Incorporated.  January 1, 1990 - December 31, 1992.

Graduate Assistant, University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, Special Education Department; December 1, 1989 - May 31, 1990.

Assistant Professor, University of Montevallo, Education Department; January 1, 1989 - June 30, 1989.

Instructor/Computer Specialist, Sheffield City Schools, K-12; August 1, 1979 - December 31, 1989.

Assistant Director, Learning Lab K-12; January 1, 1988 - December 31, 1990.


Academic Honors and Achievements:

Outstanding Advisor, January 2005

Nominated Outstanding New Educator Professor, December 1992

Outstanding Student, University of Alabama, 1991

Faculty Recognition, University of Alabama, 1990

Nominated Teacher of the Year 1987


Professional Honors and Achievements:



Chair, HFES Individual Differences Committee, 2007-08

Mortar Board

Kappa Delta Pi

National Association of Female Educators

Who's Who in American Educators?

Phi Kappa Phi

Curriculum and Supervision Association

Learning Disabilities Board of Directors,

Board of Directors for Learning Styles Association

NASA Summer Faculty Program 1998


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Carroll, C. (2007) Assistive technology for cognition, Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine.

Carroll, C. (2006) Bridges for the mind: Opportunities for Research on Cognitive Disabilities (Abstract).   

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Carroll, C. (2000). Guest editor of two special issues of Focus on Autism and other Developmental Disabilities, 15, 4, Winter 2000 & 16, 1, Spring 2001.

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