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LEND Program:
Child Health Policy
10960 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 960
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Main Phone:  310-825-5797
Main Fax:  310-825-5914
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Position Name Phone Email
LEND Director Alice Kuo, MD, PhD 310-825-5797
Co-LEND Director Rujuta Bhatt, MD 310-825-1746
Lead Administrative Staff
Pediatric Neurology Director-Rujuta Bhatt, MD Education Director-Jan Blacher, PhD Psychology Director-Lynette Lau, PhD Social Welfare Director-Bobby Verdugo, MSW, LCSW Public Health Director-Sharlene Joachim, MPH Alice Kuo, MD, PhD 310-825-5797
Primary Activity Coordinators
Clinical Services Jan Blacher, PhD 951-827-3875
Clinical Services Lynette Lau, PhD 310-794-7661
Community Support Jan Blacher, PhD 951-827-3875
Community Support Faye Holmes 310-825-5797
Community Support Lynette Lau, PhD 310-794-7661
Cultural Diversity Jan Blacher, PhD 951-827-3875
Cultural Diversity Faye Holmes 310-825-5797
Cultural Diversity Lynette Lau, PhD 310-794-7661
Information/Dissemination Jan Blacher, PhD 951-827-3875
Information/Dissemination Lynette Lau, PhD 310-794-7661
Parent/Consumer Jan Blacher, PhD 951-827-3875
Parent/Consumer Lynette Lau, PhD 310-794-7661
Pediatric Services Rujuta Bhatt, MD 310-825-1746
Pediatric Services Lynette Lau, PhD 310-794-7661
Research Jan Blacher, PhD 951-827-3875
Research Lynette Lau, PhD 310-794-7661
Technical Assistance Jan Blacher, PhD 951-827-3875
Technical Assistance Lynette Lau, PhD 310-794-7661
Training Director Jan Blacher, PhD 951-827-3875
Training Director Alice Kuo, MD, PhD 310-825-5797
Training Director Lynette Lau, PhD 310-794-7661
Research Director Jan Blacher, PhD 951-827-3875
Discipline Coordinators
Education Jan Blacher, PhD 951-827-3875
Education Faye Holmes 310-825-5797
Medicine Faye Holmes 310-825-5797
Neurology Rujuta Bhatt, MD 310-825-1746
Pediatrics Rujuta Bhatt, MD 310-825-1746
Psychology Lynette Lau, PhD 310-794-7661
Psychology: Developmental Faye Holmes 310-825-5797
Psychology: Developmental Lynette Lau, PhD 310-794-7661
Public Health Faye Holmes 310-825-5797
Social Work Bobby Verdugo, M.S.W. 323-364-3797
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
Director, SEARCH Family Autism Resource Center, UC Riverside Graduate School of Education, UC Riverside Department of Psychology, UCLA Jan Blacher, PhD 951-827-3875
Janet Kor Rujuta Bhatt, MD 310-825-1746
SEARCH Clinic-Jan Blacher, PhD MPCCC Clinic-Alice Kuo, MD, PhD LEND Clinic-Lynette Lau, PhD Young Adult/Transition Clinic-Ashley Lewis Hunter, MD, MS; Stacey Weinstein, MD School Function Program-Bobby Verdugo, MSW, LCSW SCOPE-Faye Holmes Alice Kuo, MD, PhD 310-825-5797
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