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UCEDD Program:
Nebraska UCEDD
Munroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation
University of Nebraska Medical Center
985450 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-5450
Main Phone:  402-559-6483
Toll Free Number:  800-656-3937
Main Fax:  402-559-5737 (UCEDD)
Main Email:
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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Wayne Stuberg, PhD 402-559-5720
LEND Director Cynthia Ellis, MD 402-559-4097
Lead Administrative Staff
Core LEND Management Team Clinical Coordinator Jennifer Brock 402-559-5751
Core LEND Management Team Cultural Diversity Coordinator Graciela Sharif, BS 402-680-8852
Core LEND Management Team LEND Training Director UCEDD Grant Program Specialist Lead Staff Support People First of Nebraska Kellie Ellerbusch, BLA 402-559-4892
Core LEND Management Team Kristin Mayleben Flott, B.A. 402-559-0632
Core LEND Management Team Torri Smith-Terjal, MA 402-559-0632
Core LEND Management Team Leader Cynthia Ellis, MD 402-559-4097
Director - Developmental Neuroscience Department Shelley Smith, Ph.D. 402-559-5314
Director of Academic Affairs Keith Allen, Ph.D. 402-559-5756
Director of Clinical Services Wayne Stuberg, PhD 402-559-5720
MMI Director Karoly Mirnics, MD, PhD 402-559-6430
MMI Director of Community Engagement Melonie Welsh, MS 402-559-9828
Nebraska Act Early Ambassador Jennifer Burt, Ph.D. 402-559-4409
UCEDD Administrative Assistant. Barbara Glover 402-559-6483
Primary Activity Coordinators
Clinical Services Emily Drew, MS 402-559-2978
Clinical Services Kristin Mayleben Flott, B.A. 402-559-0632
Clinical Services William Higgins, III, PhD 402-3014
Clinical Services Sandra Houser, MSN, RN 402-559-5144
Clinical Services Terri Mathews, Ph.D. 402-559-4646
Clinical Services Torri Smith-Terjal, MA 402-559-0632
Clinical Services Wayne Stuberg, PhD 402-559-5720
Community Support Kristin Mayleben Flott, B.A. 402-559-0632
Community Support Mark Smith, MS 402-559-5744
Community Support Torri Smith-Terjal, MA 402-559-0632
Community Support Melonie Welsh, MS 402-559-9828
Cultural Diversity Graciela Sharif, BS 402-680-8852
Early Intervention Jennifer Burt, Ph.D. 402-559-4409
Early Intervention William Higgins, III, PhD 402-3014
Early Intervention Barbara Jackson, Ph.D. 402-559-5765
Early Intervention Torri Smith-Terjal, MA 402-559-0632
Information/Dissemination Karin Carlson 402-559-7467
Information/Dissemination Melonie Welsh, MS 402-559-9828
Parent/Consumer Kim Falk 402-550-6430
Parent/Consumer Kristin Mayleben Flott, B.A. 402-559-0632
Parent/Consumer Mark Smith, MS 402-559-5744
Pediatric Services Sandra Houser, MSN, RN 402-559-5144
Person Centered Planning Kellie Ellerbusch, BLA 402-559-4892
Research Shelley Smith, Ph.D. 402-559-5314
Technical Assistance Mark Smith, MS 402-559-5744
Training Director Kellie Ellerbusch, BLA 402-559-4892
Community Education Director Melonie Welsh, MS 402-559-9828
Discipline Coordinators
Education Barbara Jackson, Ph.D. 402-559-5765
Family Faculty Kristin Mayleben Flott, B.A. 402-559-0632
Health Administration Joanne Johnson, BS 402-559-7232
Health Administration Melonie Welsh, MS 402-559-9828
Nursing Sandra Houser, MSN, RN 402-559-5144
Nursing Terri Mathews, Ph.D. 402-559-4646
Occupational Therapy Janice Flegle, MA, OTR/L 402-559-6415
Pediatrics: Developmental/Neonatology Cynthia Ellis, MD 402-559-4097
Physical Therapy Sandy Willett, M.S. 402-559-5719
Psychology Keith Allen, Ph.D. 402-559-5756
Public Health Brandon Grimm, PhD 402-559-5645
Speech-Language Pathology Amy Nordness 402-559-5557
Specialty Resource Contacts
Autism, Adlescents Terri Mathews, Ph.D. 402-559-4646
BCBA Trainer/Supervisor Torri Smith-Terjal, MA 402-559-0632
Clinical Geneticist Richard Lutz, MD 402-559-6800
Consumer/Family Coordinator LEND Family Faculty Mark Smith, MS 402-559-5744
Developmental Medicine TIPS Howard Needelman, MD 402-559-4985
Developmental Neuroscience Anna Dunaevsky, Ph.D. 402-559-1071
Director - Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders Wayne Fisher, Ph.D. 402-559-8863
Director - Patient Information Department Joanne Johnson, BS 402-559-7232
Director - Pediatric Feeding Program Cathleen Piazza, PhD 402-559-2261
Interdisciplinary Education for the Adult Learner Competency-Based Curriculum Design Supporting self-advocacy and self-determination Kellie Ellerbusch, BLA 402-559-4892
Leadership Development Life Course Brandon Grimm, PhD 402-559-5645
Motion Analysis Lab - Research Max Kurz, Ph.D. 402-559-9599 mkurz@unmc.edy
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
Behavioral Health Clinics Rachel Valleley, PhD 402-559-6408
Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska (BHECN) Joseph Evans, PhD 402-559-6408
Coordinator, ABA PhD Program and CASD Early Intervention Program Nicole Rodriguez, Ph.D. 402-559-2410
Director - Recreation Therapy Department Michael Crawford, Ph.D. 402-559-5772
Great Plains Public Health Leadership Institute Brandon Grimm, PhD 402-559-5645
Inpatient Speech Coordinator Carol Gaebler, MS 402-559-7180
LEND BCBA Training Program Torri Smith-Terjal, MA 402-559-0632
LEND Interdisciplinary Training People First of Nebraska Heartland Self-Advocacy Resource Network Kellie Ellerbusch, BLA 402-559-4892
LEND Outreach Coordinator LEND Family Faculty Discipline Director Kristin Mayleben Flott, B.A. 402-559-0632
Motion Analysis Lab - Clinical Wayne Stuberg, PhD 402-559-5720
Neurobehavioral Clinic Developmental Pediatrics Clinic Cynthia Ellis, MD 402-559-4097
Program Evaluation, Education Department Jolene Johnson, PhD 402-559-5723
Scottish-Rite Early Childhood Language program Jennifer Brock 402-559-5751
SEPA Program Director Maurice Godfrey, Ph.D. 402-559-6689
Social Skills Training ACT Toddler Clinic Director Terri Mathews, Ph.D. 402-559-4646
Teratogen Hotline Beth Conover, MS, APRN 402-559-6430
Virtual Care Program Kevin Luczynski, Ph.D. 402-559-4056
Mark Shriver, PHD 402-559-6087 MSHRIVER@UNMC.EDU
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