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Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center
University of Massachusetts Medical School
55 Lake Avenue North, S3
Worcester, MA, MA 01655
Main Phone:  774-455-5433
Main Fax:  774-455-6565
TTY:  800-764-0200
Main Email:
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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Carol Curtin, MSW, PHD 774-455-6527
LEND Director Carol Curtin, MSW, PHD 774-455-6527
Co-UCEDD Director Charles Hamad, PhD 774-455-6590
Lead Administrative Staff
Director of Family-Centered Initiatives Instructor, LEND program Newsletter Editor Act Early Ambassador Co-investigator Elaine Gabovitch, MPA 774-455-6531
Director, Autism Insurance Resource Center Amy Weinstock, MA 774-455-4056
Director, Center for Deveklopmental Disabilities Education and Research Emily Lauer, MPH 774-455-6552
Executive Director, E.K. Shriver Center Co-Director, CANDI & CANDO Programs Vice Chair, Department of Psychiatry UMMS Jean Frazier, MD 774-455-4120
LEND Faculty Member, E.K. Shriver Center Alexandra Bonardi 774-455-6522
Primary Activity Coordinators
Clinical Services Karen Miller 617-636-7242
Community Support Elaine Gabovitch, MPA 774-455-6531
Distance Learning John Rochford, MS 774-455-6536
Information/Dissemination John Rochford, MS 774-455-6536
Parent/Consumer Elaine Gabovitch, MPA 774-455-6531
Research Linda Bandini, PhD 774-455-6520
Training Director Carol Curtin, MSW, PHD 774-455-6527
Medical Director David Cochran, MD 774-442-2263
Discipline Coordinators
Assistive Technology John Rochford, MS 774-455-6536
Medicine David Cochran, MD 774-442-2263
Nutrition Linda Bandini, PhD 774-455-6520
Occupational Therapy Alexandra Bonardi 774-455-6522
Parent/Family Resources Elaine Gabovitch, MPA 774-455-6531
Pediatrics Karen Miller 617-636-7242
Psychology Charles Hamad, PhD 774-455-6590
Social Work Carol Curtin, MSW, PHD 774-455-6527
Specialty Resource Contacts
CANS Director Sarah Rulnick 774-455-6524
Director of Sibling Support Emily Rubin, MA 774-455-6537
Director of Technology John Rochford, MS 774-455-6536
Director, Psychobiology and Craniofacial Research Programs Curt Deutsch, PhD 774-455-4015
Health Promotion Research Linda Bandini, PhD 774-455-6520
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
CANS Sarah Rulnick 774-455-6524
Center for Developmental Disabilities Evaluation and Research eABA training online Charles Hamad, PhD 774-455-6590
Director, INDEX Program John Rochford, MS 774-455-6536
Medical Director, CANDO David Cochran, MD 774-442-2263
Training Director, Center for Children w/ Special Needs, Tufts Medical Center Karen Miller 617-636-7242
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