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JFK Partners
University of Colorado Denver
School of Medicine
13121 E. 17th Ave, C234
Aurora, CO 80045
Main Phone:  303-724-5266
Main Fax:  303-724-7664
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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Sandra Friedman, MD 720-777-6870 [email protected]
LEND Director Sandra Friedman, MD 720-777-6870 [email protected]
Associate UCEDD Director Judy Reaven, PhD 303-724-7646 [email protected]
Associate LEND Director Judy Reaven, PhD 303-724-7646 [email protected]
Lead Administrative Staff
Assistant to the Director Jeannie Losh 303-724-1902 [email protected]
Assistant to the Director Kimberly Mondragon 720-777-6870 [email protected]
Primary Activity Coordinators
Clinical Services Sandra Friedman, MD 720-777-6870 [email protected]
Clinical Services Rebecca Wilson, PhD 720-777-6837 [email protected]
Cultural Diversity Renee Charlifue-Smith, MA, CCC-SLP 303-724-7632 [email protected]
Data Dina Johnson, MA 303-724-7673 [email protected]
Early Intervention Cordelia Robinson Rosenberg, PhD, RN 303-724-7680 [email protected]
Parent/Consumer Kristen Kaiser, MA 303-724-4772 [email protected]
Parent/Consumer Tracy Price-Johnson, BA 303-724-2676 [email protected]
Research Richard Boles, PhD 303-724-5032 [email protected]
Training Director Patricia LaVesser, PhD, OTR 303-724-7651 [email protected]
Community Education Director Sarah Davidon, EdD 303-724-7635 [email protected]
Research Director Judy Reaven, PhD 303-724-7646 [email protected]
Discipline Coordinators
Audiology Sandra Gabbard, PhD 303-322-1871 [email protected]
Family Faculty Kristen Kaiser, MA 303-724-4772 [email protected]
Family Faculty Tracy Price-Johnson, BA 303-724-2676 [email protected]
Nursing Marilyn Krajicek, EdD, RN 303-724-0663 [email protected]
Nutrition Susan Johnson, PhD 303-724-2923 [email protected]
Occupational Therapy Patricia LaVesser, PhD, OTR 303-724-7651 [email protected]
Pediatrics: Developmental/Neonatology Sandra Friedman, MD 720-777-6870 [email protected]
Physical Therapy Mary Jane Rapport, PT, PhD, DPT 303-724-9148 [email protected]
Psychology Judy Reaven, PhD 303-724-7646 [email protected]
Public Health Kathy Kennedy, DrPH 303-871-3483 [email protected]
Speech-Language Pathology Renee Charlifue-Smith, MA, CCC-SLP 303-724-7632 [email protected]
Specialty Resource Contacts
Deaf/Hard of Hearing with co-occurring ASD Deborah Mood, PhD 720-777-2778 [email protected]
Grants Manager Sunanda Babu, PhD, MBA 303-724-7639 [email protected]
Research Manager Valentina Postorino, PhD 303-724-0000 [email protected]
Spanish-speaking Psychologist Nuri Reyes, PhD 303-724-7638 [email protected]
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
Associate Interdisciplinary Training Director Dina Johnson, MA 303-724-7673 [email protected]
CADDRE / SEED Study Andrea McKenzie, BS 303-724-7689 [email protected]
Clinical Services - Adults Judy Reaven, PhD 303-724-7646 [email protected]
ENRICH Early Intervention Janet Campbell 303-358-4357 [email protected]
Evaluator for LEND and UCEDD Gerri Steinke 303-724-0662 [email protected]
Finance Manager - Psychiatry Mark Mundt, MBA 303-724-7677 [email protected]
Occupational Therapist Melissa Argenti, OT 303-724-9622 [email protected]
Occupational Therapy Neala Harper, MSOT 303-724-7670 [email protected]
Physical Therapist Meghan Hernandez, PT, DPT 303-809-6049 [email protected]
Physical Therapist Siobhan Sullivan 303-724-5266 [email protected]
Physical Therapist Lisa Swenson 303-724-7654 [email protected]
Psychologist Elizabeth Griffith, PhD 720-777-5589 [email protected]
Psychology Audrey Blakeley-Smith, PhD 303-724-7630 [email protected]
Psychology Terry Katz, PhD 303-724-7639 [email protected]
Psychology Lorraine Kubicek, PhD 303-724-5953 [email protected]
Public Health Kristina Hightshoe, MPH 720-838-0312 [email protected]
Speech Language Pathology Terry Hall, MA, CCC-SLP 303-724-5266 [email protected]
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