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UCEDD Program:
Institute for Disability Studies: Mississippi's UCEDD
The University of Southern Mississippi
118 College Drive #5163
Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001
Main Phone:  601-266-5163
Toll Free Number:  888-671-0051
Main Fax:  601-266-5114
TTY:  888-671-0051
Main Email:  Rebekah.Young@usm.edu
Website:  http://www.usm.edu/disability-studies
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Position Name Phone Email
UCEDD Director Rebekah Young, PhD 601-266-5388 rebekah.young@usm.edu
Associate UCEDD Director Jerry R. Alliston, Ph.D. 601-266-5979 jerry.alliston@usm.edu
Lead Administrative Staff
Assoc. Business and Finance Manager Bruce Smith, MA 601-432-6876 bruce.smith@usm.edu
Executive Assistant for Business and Finance William Tala, BS 601-266-5739 William.Tala@usm.edu
Executive Assistant for Technology Rich Baker, MS 601-266-6288 richard.baker@usm.edu
Office Manager Chandra Harper 601-266-5030 chandra.harper@usm.edu
Primary Activity Coordinators
Data Bruce Smith, MA 601-432-6876 bruce.smith@usm.edu
Specialty Resource Contacts
Early Childhood Inclusion and Education Alicia Westbrook, Ph.D. 601-266-6425 alicia.westbrook@usm.edu
Transition to Adulthood including Employment and Education Jerry R. Alliston, Ph.D. 601-266-5979 jerry.alliston@usm.edu
Wellness including Health and Recreation Rebekah Young, PhD 601-266-5388 rebekah.young@usm.edu
Project/Program/Clinic Contacts
Coordinator for Volunteer and Transition Employment Services Jin Joo Crosby, MBA 601-266-5163 jin.mcclendon@usm.edu
Early Intervention Administrative Assistant Rebecca McKeehan, B.S. 601-266-4745 Rebecca.McKeehan@usm.edu
Early Intervention Family Navigator Jessica Fielder, BS 601-432-6891 Jessica.L.Fielder@usm.edu
Early Intervention Family Navigator Julie Norman, BS 601-266-6736 julie.norman@usm.edu
Early Intervention Specialist Kristie Bowlin, MS 601-266-5163 kristie.bowlin@usm.edu
Early Intervention Specialist Nicole Briceno, MS 601-266-6983 nicole.briceno@usm.edu
Early Intervention Specialist Shelley Ezelle, MS 601-432-6179 Shelley.ezelle@usm.edu
Early Intervention Specialist Stephanie Farris, MS 601-540-5224 stephanie.farris@usm.edu
Early Intervention Specialist Angel Greer, MS 601-266-4830 angela.greer@usm.edu
Early Intervention Specialist Julianna Lieb, MS 601-266-4852 julianna.lieb@usm.edu
Early Intervention Specialist Alice McGowan, Ed.D 601-432-6261 alice.mcgowan@usm.edu
Early Intervention Training & Behavior Spec Michaela Harper 601-266-5994 michaela.harper@usm.edu
Family Navigation Spec & PEDS Coordinator Rebekah Harrington 601-266-5622 rebekah.rayburn@usm.edu
Housing Case Manager DeMetra Bates, MSW 601-266-5853 demetra.bates@usm.edu
Housing Case Manager Tracy Coleman, BA 601-266-5627 tracy.coleman@usm.edu
Housing Case Manager Tanya Smith, MS 601-266-6063 tanya.smith@usm.edu
Management & Volunteer Services Program Specialist Devin Bellman, BS 228-214-3301 devin.bellman@usm.edu
Multidisciplinary Navigation Coordinator Leslie LaVergne, Ph.D. 601-266-6225 leslie.lavergne@usm.edu
Parent Liaison Keishawna Smith 601-432-6929 ksmith@ihl.state.ms.us
Parent/Family Support Specialist Laura Smith 601-432-6166 laura.w.smith@usm.edu
Self-Advocacy Coordinator Taylor Carley 601-266-4763 robert.carley@usm.edu
Technology & Self-Advocacy Assistant Daniel Lewis 601-266-5163 danblewis429@yahoo.com
Transition Specialist Scott Mullins, MSW 601-266-6129 scott.mullins@usm.edu
Transition Specialist Alyssa Parks, MSW 601-266-5962 alyssa.parks@usm.edu
Wounded Warrior Support Specialist Taylor Foster, BS 601-395-6306 Taylorfoster401@gmail.com
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