LEND Directory

Partners for Inclusive Communities
University of Arkansas at Fayetteville
322 Main. Suite 501
Little Rock, AR 72201
Main Phone:  501-301-1100
Toll Free Number:  800-342-2923
Main Fax:  501-682-5423
TTY:  800-342-2923
Main Email:  [email protected]
Website:  http://UofAPartners.uark.edu
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Position Name Phone Email
LEND Director Jill Fussell, MD 501-364-3866 [email protected]
Associate UCEDD Director Jerry Alliston, PhD 601-266-5979 [email protected]
Lead Administrative Staff
Arkansas Autism Partnership Specialist Director of Autism Services Renee Holmes, RN 501-871-2836 [email protected]
Project Coordinator Glenda Aaron 501-364-1836 [email protected]
Discipline Coordinators
Audiology Samuel Atcherson, Ph.D. 501-526-4235 [email protected]
Audiology Pat Highley, MS 501-569-3155 [email protected]
Family Faculty Natilie Wooldridge, Bachelor of Science 870-818-7424 [email protected]
Genetics Tiffany Lepard Tassin, MS, CGC 501-526-7707 [email protected]
Genetics Bradley Schaefer, MD 501-364-2971 [email protected]
Health Administration Michael Morris, PhD, MPH, MPA 501-526-6693 [email protected]
Nursing Ralph Vogel 501-686-5374 [email protected]
Nutrition Tina Maddox, PhD 501-686-5714 [email protected]
Occupational Therapy Tina Mankey, EdD 501-450-5565 [email protected]
Pediatrics: Developmental/Neonatology Jaimie Flor, M.D. 917-327-6792 [email protected]
Pediatrics: Developmental/Neonatology Jill Fussell, MD 501-364-3866 [email protected]
Pediatrics: Developmental/Neonatology Jill James, PhD 501-364-4665 [email protected]
Physical Therapy Margaret McGee, PhD 501-450-5553 [email protected]
Psychology Mark Edwards, PhD 501-320-4354 [email protected]
Psychology Elizabeth Pulliam, Psy.D. 501-364-1021 [email protected]
Social Work Vanessa Krause, LMSW 501-912-4760 [email protected]
Speech-Language Pathology Greg Robinson, Ph.D. 501-683-7307 [email protected]
Speech-Language Pathology Greg Robinson, PhD 501-569-3155 [email protected]
Primary Activity Coordinators
Community Support Natilie Wooldridge, Bachelor of Science 870-818-7424 [email protected]
Data Glenda Aaron 501-364-1836 [email protected]
Data Natilie Wooldridge, Bachelor of Science 870-818-7424 [email protected]
Early Intervention Renee Holmes, RN 501-871-2836 [email protected]
Information/Dissemination Glenda Aaron 501-364-1836 [email protected]
Parent/Consumer Michael Thornton 501-712-9088 [email protected]
Pediatric Services Renee Holmes, RN 501-871-2836 [email protected]
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