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We want to hear from you! Search the AUCD staff member list by Department. For general inquiries, please email [email protected]

Nadja  Agnew

Nadja Agnew

Senior Program Manager

Mollie  Blafer

Mollie Blafer

Program Manager for Emerging Leaders Community

Anna Costalas

Anna Costalas

Digital Marketing & Communications Manager

Jackie  Czyzia

Jackie Czyzia

Director of MCH Engagement

Allison Haeger

Allison Haeger

Communications Assistant

Holly  Hohmeister

Holly Hohmeister

Senior Project Manager

Caroline  Jurisich

Caroline Jurisich

Higher Education Policy Consultant

Dana Kim

Dana Kim

Program Manager, Autism Intervention Research Network on Physical Health (AIR-P)

Oksana Klimova

Oksana Klimova

Director of Web Services

Brandon  Lewis

Brandon Lewis

Data Support Manager

Michele Lunsford

Michele Lunsford

Director of Marketing & Communications

Shoshana  Marin

Shoshana Marin

Public Policy Fellow

Chase  Mulvaney

Chase Mulvaney

Program Manager

Denise Rozell

Denise Rozell

Director of Policy Innovation

Rodney  Samaco

Rodney Samaco

Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer

Elizabeth  Schneider

Elizabeth Schneider

Executive Assistant

Cindy Smith

Cindy Smith

Director, Public Policy

John  Tschida

John Tschida

Executive Director

E. Troy Washington

E. Troy Washington

Chief Financial & Operating Officer

Danielle Webber

Danielle Webber

Director of Community Inclusion

Liz  Weintraub

Liz Weintraub

Senior Advocacy Specialist

Margaux  Whitehead

Margaux Whitehead

Program Specialist

Becky  Willis

Becky Willis

Program Specialist

Sue  Wolf-Fordham

Sue Wolf-Fordham