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AUCD Disability Policy Fellowship

A Latin woman with long brown hair, glasses and suit, speaking to a white man in a suit and tie in a office.In 2001, the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) established the Fellowship in Disability Policy Leadership. The purpose of the Fellowship is to expand the knowledge and expertise of new leaders through first-hand experience within the complex interrelationships that exist among national governing and regulatory agencies, institutions of higher learning, and advocacy organizations. The Fellowship provides significant experiences in national-level activities related to policy development, advocacy, program development, technical assistance, and AUCD administration, aiming to:

    • Provide experience in the development of national policy and legislation related to individuals with disabilities, their families, and those who work on their behalf;
    • Broaden the Fellow's knowledge of the AUCD membership, its work, and issues; and
    • Develop key relationships with other federal level organizations including federal agencies, associations, advocacy groups, and other public and private entities related to the disabilities field.

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Kevin Ryle

2022-2024 Disability Policy Fellow

Kevin serves as the Public Policy Fellow and assists the Policy Team in advocating and implementing AUCD’s policy priorities at the federal level. Kevin earned his bachelor’s degree in Speech, Language, and Hearing Science from the George Washington University in May of 2022. Prior to coming to AUCD, Kevin worked at the American Association of People with Disabilities, the National Disability Institute, Elevance Health, and the office of Senator Casey.

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Former AUCD Disability Policy Fellows

We are proud of the successes of our former Fellows in Disability Policy Leadership. Learn more about the former Fellows and where they are now!

Sara Bovat
2021-2022 Disability Policy Fellow

Sarah Mueller
2019-2020 Disability Policy Fellow

Jillian Odom
2018 Disability Policy Fellow

Richard Davis
2013 Disability Policy Leadership Fellow

Kristina Majewski
2012 Disability Policy Leadership Fellow

Amie Lulinski
2011 Disability Policy Leadership Fellow

Paul Galonsky
2010 Disability Policy Leadership Fellow

Samantha Marsh Hollins
2009 Disability Policy Leadership Fellow

Tammie Picklesimer
2008 Disability Policy Leadership Fellow

David Morrissey
2007 Disability Policy Leadership Fellow

Laura Walker Jackson
2006 Disability Policy Leadership Fellow

Joe Caldwell
2005 AUCD Disability Policy Leadership Fellow

Andrew Morris
2003 AUCD Disability Policy Leadership Fellow

Ethan Long
2002 Disability Policy Leadership Fellow

Martin E. Blair
AUCD's Inaugural Disability Policy Leadership Fellow (2001)