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Search Projects and Products

Find projects and products across the AUCD Network. Search on records of major initiatives of the Centers (Projects), and records on various materials produced and disseminated by the Network (Products). Connect with Centers and faculty and staff related to those records. 

The NIRS Search is very helpful both for federal agencies in obtaining useful information about Centers' work and areas of expertise, and to fellow Network members who look for information from other Centers.

Projects and Products has a set of filters that you can apply to narrow down your search results.
Selecting no option will return no results.

Select Centers/Programs by Program Type or select individual centers to narrow down your search.
You will search across ALL centers.
It is recommended to select "Most Recent Complete Data Year" to receive the most complete recent information.
Tip: You can add multiple years.
Note: the search will pull data if the Center makes the decision to use that tag.