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Overview of the Projects Dataset

The Projects dataset captures funding and collaboration efforts that the Center/Program is engaged in for each reporting period. Centers/Programs should record data on all projects, not just those primarily funded by ACL or MCHB.

A common element to all projects reported in this dataset is that they are the entry point for funding and other resources. The types of information collected in the Projects dataset include:

  • Who to contact (e.g., principal investigator listed on the funding source)
  • Funding dates, types, sources, amounts
  • Core function(s)
  • Areas of emphasis
  • Types of action
  • Target audiences
  • Unserved and underserved populations
  • Collaboration with other agencies
  • Consumer participation
  • Geographic scope
  • General project description

Note for UCEDDs: Project records must include the cost-share amount.

The cost-share amount is the projected financial commitments of non-federal resources. The cost-share amount is typically outlined in the grant agreement.

For example, the UCEDD Core Grant from ACL funds no more than 75% of the project’s total cost. Thus, the cost share amount equals the remaining 25% covered by the UCEDD through non-federal sources.