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There are currently 10 Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and related Disabilities (LEND) programs that receive supplemental awards to expand and augment their pediatric audiology training efforts.  The supplemental funding to the LEND programs was made possible through HRSA's Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB). The contract also funded this LEND Pediatric Audiology Training Resource Site for all LEND Pediatric Audiology Programs.  If you have questions about this initiative or the activities within, contact Benjamin Kaufman at AUCD.




Child with Hearing Aide

View the 2012-2013 Pediatric Audiology Webinar Series

About the MCHB/AUCD Pediatric Audiology Webinar Series

This webinar series was created to provide a leadership opportunity for LEND trainees/fellows and to allow them to present their experiences in pediatric audiology within the LEND interdisciplinary setting. Each webinar features presentations by LEND pediatric audiology trainees. Watch the free webinar archives at the links below presented courtesy of AUCD's Webinar Library.

Webinars in the Series

  1. Pediatric Grand Rounds
    Featuring: Children's Hospital Boston
    Featuring: The LEND of Pittsburgh
  2. Western Adventures in Audiology
    Featuring: University of Utah Regional LEND
    Featuring: JFK Partners at University of Colorado
  3. Leadership in Action
    Featuring: University of Miami, Mailman Center for Child Development
    Featuring: University of South Dakota, Center for Disabilities
  4. Unique Service Delivery Models and Training in Pediatric Audiology
    Featuring: Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin
    Featuring: Vanderbilt LEND, Vanderbilt University

LEND Me Your Skills: The MCHB/AUCD Pediatric Audiology Training Program EHDI Poster. Presented at the 2014 EHDI Conference in Jacksonville, Florida. This poster illustrates the findings from a 5-year survey of 10 LEND pediatric audiology training programs.






LEND Audiology Trainees Learn and Shine at EHDI 2016

On March 13-15, AUCD members joined nearly 1,000 diverse stakeholders in San Diego, CA, at the 15th annual Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) Meeting, organized jointly by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration, and the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management at Utah State University.



Mark Your Calendars for AUCD 2016!

December 4-7 in Washington, DC

The AUCD 2016 Conference, "Navigating Change: Building our Future Together," highlights both the change that comes at the end of a Presidential term as well as our need to work together to create a future in which children and adults with disabilities are able to participate fully in all aspects of life as valued members of their communities. Join us to engage in powerful, important, and inspiring personal and professional discourse on December 4-7 in Washington, DC.



Pediatric Audiology Trainees Collaborate with State Division of Public Health to Conduct Statewide Analysis of EHDI Services

LEND trainees from the Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities at UNC - Chapel Hill, attended the national EHDI Conference in San Diego, March 13-15, 2016, where they presented a poster entitled: "Regional Analysis of EHDI Outcomes in North Carolina." The EHDI acronym, which stands for Early Hearing Detection and Intervention, represents the systems of care responsible for screening, diagnosis, and intervention for infants with congenital or early onset hearing loss. EHDI programs across the nation have committed themselves to the "1-3-6 goals" of screening infants for hearing loss no later than one month of age with diagnosis no later than three months of age and intervention no later than six months of age. Remarkable progress has been made over the past 20 years since newborn hearing screening has developed into a standard of care but challenges remain, especially with regard to timely diagnosis and intervention.





Webinar: Autism Spectrum Disorder and Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

AUCD webinar - February 2014

Funded through the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB), the LEND Pediatric Audiology Training Program supports 10 LEND programs to increase the didactic content and clinical experience of trainees in pediatric audiology. This webinar used a combination of information from the literature, retrospective chart review of children with a dual diagnosis and feedback from family and professional focus groups to assist the learner in understanding the unique needs of children who are deaf/hard of hearing with an autism spectrum disorder. Red Flags for atypical communication were presented as well as information about the needs related to communication, functional skills, and integrated care models.



Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing

The 2014 LEND Pediatric Audiology Pre-EHDI Workshop

Join us for this interactive workshop designed to encourage active learning and case-based discussions. Participants will learn about issues and challenges surrounding hearing loss and autism spectrum disorder while learning about strategies currently used by LEND programs. At the workshop, participants will be placed in large and small group settings and will be encouraged to share personal examples while learning best practices used by other LEND programs.



Honing Cultural and Linguistic Competence

A new resource page has been added to the AHRQ Health Care Innovations Exchange: Honing Cultural and Linguistic Competence. This page features innovative programs and quality tools for improving cultural and linguistic competence as well as reducing health care disparities for vulnerable populations, including racial and ethnic minorities.


Access Resources Developed by Pediatric Audiology Trainees

10 Pediatric Audiology Training Grants

MCHB Universal Newborn Hearing Screening

EHDI, A program of the CDC


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