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WV UCEDD Diversity & Disability Fellow Tackles Stigma

Louma Sebaihi is a Diversity & Disability Fellow at the West Virginia University Center for Excellence in Disabilities (WVU CED). Louma's upbringing in the Arab/American culture led her to be interested in reaching out to that community to help reduce the stigma associated with disabilities. As a part of her capstone project, Louma presented two sessions (one in English and one in Arabic) at the Islamic Center of Morgantown on the "Learn the Signs, Act Early" initiative to introduce the participants to developmental milestones that children should be achieving.



AUCD 2016 Registration is Open!

Registration is currently open for the AUCD Conference! We welcome network members, partners from outside the network, experts from across the disability field, individuals with disabilities, family members, and students to learn and grow together during this exciting event. Whether you're a newcomer to the field or a seasoned professional, the AUCD Conference provides countless opportunities to share with and learn from colleagues across the network and beyond.



A Personal Story of a Cultural Broker (MA UCEDD/LEND)

By Oanh Thi Thu Bui, Diversity Fellow, Institute for Community Inclusion, UMass Boston

In this 3-part series, a mother of a child with special needs describes how she became a cultural broker to support other families.



Providers Face Cultural Challenges when Evaluating Refugee Children (NY UCEDD/LEND)

Numerous challenges face providers who are administering developmental screenings for refugee children, including differences in cultural and religious beliefs, language barriers, and disparate education levels, according to new research from the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) published in the journal Pediatrics.



Mailman Center Receives Prestigeous Grant to Develop Training Program to Build Language Skills (FL UCEDD/LEND)

Many South Florida children with developmental disabilities benefit from assistive technology devices to improve their hearing, vision or communication skills. "Unfortunately, a substantial number of child care workers, pre-school teachers and parents have not been trained in how to use assistive devices to help these children, especially in underserved neighborhoods," said Michelle Schladant, Ph.D., assistant professor of pediatrics and Assistant Director of the Mailman Center at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.



MN UCEDD Partners with State to Increase Graduation of Black and American Indian Students with Disabilities

The Check & Connect program of the Institute on Community Integration (MN UCEDD) has received a five-year grant from the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) for a new project, "Using Check & Connect to Improve Graduation Rates in Minnesota for Black and American Indian Students with Disabilities." Check & Connect is a comprehensive intervention developed at the Institute that is designed to enhance student engagement in school and with learning for marginalized, disengaged students in grades K-12. In this project,



AUCD2016 Scholarships Available for Emerging Network Leaders

Application Deadline: October 3

The Emerging Leader Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to emerging Network leaders: self-advocates, family members, trainees, and young professionals; to attend the AUCD Conference.



Diversity Competence: Tailoring the Scope of Cultural Competence Education using an Innovative Self-Reflective Training Curriculum (FL UCEDD/LEND)

With widespread recognition of the need for cultural competence being more prevalent than ever in today's diverse society, Dr. Kira Knight has embraced her role as the AUCD Diversity Fellow of the University of Miami's Mailman Center for Child Development. Eager to foster change - a change that embraces diversity, appreciates common humanity, and channels inclusion, Kira is in the process of revising and strengthening the Cultural Competence curriculum for LEND/UCEDD trainees, medical students, residents and fellows throughout the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine and Jackson Health System in Miami, Florida. This curriculum development project involves the implementation of an innovative, online cultural competency training module series, coupled with in-person workshops, geared towards reducing health disparities and barriers to healthcare, and cultivating university-wide culturally competent healthcare professionals.


About MCC

The AUCD Board of Directors has established a number of Councils and Committees that are made up of experts in the field to help the Board address emerging trends and issues, and to facilitate communication across and beyond the AUCD network.

The Multicultural Council advocates for training, direct service, outreach, technical assistance, clinical services, research, and dissemination to be provided in a culturally competent manner and secure the meaningful participation of individuals from diverse racial and ethnic and linguistically diverse backgrounds at all levels of the Association's membership.

The Multicultural Council is established as an integral part of the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD).

The mission of the Council is to advocate on behalf of the cultural diversity and cultural competence mandates of the Developmental Disabilities Act and other relevant legislation and policy as amended. The Council fulfills this mission to the Association and its constituent membership by serving as a conduit for technical assistance, providing input into policy, and engaging in other support activities deemed necessary to advance the area of cultural competence as mandated by the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD) and the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB).

The primary purpose of the Council is for training, direct service, outreach, technical assistance, clinical services, research, and dissemination to be provided in a culturally competent manner and secure the meaningful participation of individuals from diverse racial and ethnic and linguistically diverse backgrounds at all levels of the Association's membership.

The Council shall: serve as a focus for the identification and discussion of issues regarding cultural competence and cultural diversity; serve as a representative voice of the cultural diversity and cultural competence interests and concerns within the Association's network; and influence the development and implementation of national policies and initiatives relevant to achieving and sustaining cultural competence and cultural diversity within each member program.

The Council membership shall consist of one representative, endorsed by Director of the member program, who shall serve an unlimited term as long as s/he is the Multicultural or diversity Director/Coordinator. If no such position exists, a designee who best represents the overall cultural diversity and cultural competence interests of that Association member shall be designated to the Council by the program's Director.



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