Virtual Trainee


With AUCD member programs in every state and territory, our trainees have an incredibly powerful collective reach. The Virtual Trainee works remotely from his/her home Center or Program for one academic year to build and enhance a network among trainees across all 67 University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDDs) and 43 Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) programs.

This is an exciting opportunity for a current trainee to develop their leadership and communication skills, promote the meaningful exchange of information about issues related to people with disabilities and special health needs, and become more familiar with the broader AUCD network while having a national impact on the disability field. Learn about former Virtual Trainees and their experiences below. 

The Virtual trainee is expected to spend approximately 4 to 5 hours per week on position-related tasks, not including event travel, and will receive ongoing supervision from AUCD Central Office staff.  AUCD will provide a stipend of $1000 for each semester (paid to the individual or program based on Center policies), as well as fund all appropriate travel costs (registration, transportation, lodging, etc.) associated with attending the Fall AUCD Conference and the Spring Disability Policy Seminar; both events are held in Washington, D.C. 

Virtual Trainee Duties

  • Utilize a variety of web-based platforms (e.g. social media, e-mail listserv, websites, webinars) to share important information and engage individuals
  • Work with Trainee Liaisons (trainee representatives from each Center and Program) to enhance the reach and impact of communications
  • Generate and begin implementing new ideas / initiatives for trainee engagement within the AUCD network
  • Assist with the planning and execution of trainee-focused activities at AUCD in-person meetings, and attend other relevant events as allowable
  • Serve as a trainee representative to the broader AUCD network; interact with leaders at Board, Directors, and Council meetings, or other opportunities which may arise during the year


  • Be a 2nd year AUCD trainee (at a LEND or UCEDD) in the 2016-2017 academic year
  • Capacity to work remotely from your home Center or Program
  • Foundational knowledge of the AUCD network and a desire to learn more
  • Interest in national issues related to leadership and people with disabilities
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills
  • Familiarity with using a variety of web-based communication platforms (e.g. social media)
  • Ability to work independently
  • vailability weekly for 1-hour supervision during daytime business hours

Application Process

Interested candidates should submit their applications by visiting the application webpage, creating an account, and submitting the following items by June 23 at 11:59pm EST:

  • Your resume or vita (brief: no more than 3 pages)
  • A letter of interest that includes ideas you have for improving trainee engagement throughout the network in a sustainable fashion
  • A statement of support from your UCEDD or LEND Director or Training Director


If you have any questions or need additional clarification, please contact Sarah Peterson; (240) 821-9463.

Apply Now

>>Access the 2016-2017 Virtual Trainee application; submission deadline is June 23 at 11:59pmET.<<

Directors and faculty are urged to recommend eligible trainees to apply for this opportunity and to allow the selected trainee to use the position as his/her leadership activity for the coming year.

Current Virtual Trainee
Alysa Vos, MS, BCBA

Alysa Vos, MS, BCBA
2015-2016 AUCD Virtual Trainee

Alysa Vos is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and director of an organization that serves individuals with neurodevelopmental differences in Houston, TX. She received her BS in Psychology from University of California-Irvine, an MS in Education from California State University-Fullerton, and her BCBA Certification through the Florida Institute of Technology. She is passionate about comprehensive behavioral programming that first and foremost targets adaptive behaviors to empower individuals toward independence. She has worked in both clinical and educational settings training multidisciplinary teams in the process of assessing, planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating educational, home, and community programs for individuals with neurodevelopmental differences based on the most current research, best practice, and ethical standards.

Alysa became a LoneStar LEND trainee in 2014 where she has worked towards building and sustaining interdisciplinary communication and collaboration and advocacy for persons with neurodevelopmental differences and special healthcare needs.

When she is not working, Alysa enjoys reading, hiking, and splashing in the pool with her kids.

Recent AUCD Virtual Trainees

Brandon Eddy, MA, CF-SLP
2016 Assistant Virtual Trainee

Alysa Vos, MS, BCBA
2015-2016 AUCD Virtual Trainee

Laurel Geist, MA
2014-2015 AUCD Virtual Trainee

Zipporah Levi-Shackleford, MA
2015 Assistant AUCD Virtual Trainee

Elaine Eisenbaum, MSW (Trainee Representative to the Board)
2013-2014 AUCD Virtual Trainee

Stephanie Weber, PsyD
2012-2013 AUCD Virtual Trainee

Jody Pirtle, PhD
2011-2012 AUCD Virtual Trainee

Suzanne Engel
2010-2011 AUCD Virtual Trainee

Lisa Jacola
2009-2010 AUCD Virtual Trainee

Liz Terelle
2008-2009 AUCD Virtual Trainee

Terri Abrams
2007-2008 AUCD Virtual Trainee

Rene Jamison
2006-2007 AUCD Virtual Trainee