Quality Review


AIDD is developing a three-tiered Quality Review System to review UCEDD performance. A similar process is underway for the DD Council and P&A networks.

  • Tier 1: Annual review of PPRs and continuation applications
  • Tier 2: Periodic in-depth compliance & outcome review of 5-year core grant applications, 5-year closeout report, and site visits
  • Tier 3: On-site review for red flag programs. This may be conducted by AIDD at any point, and is most likely to occur if significant concerns are identified in Tiers 1 & 2.

A workgroup of AIDD staff, AUCD staff, and UCEDD Directors convened to guide the development of the Tier 1 tool, which was pilot tested with workgroup members in 2013. It was rolled out as the review tool for the full UCEDD network starting in 2014. A separate workgroup of AIDD staff and UCEDD Directors convened to guide the development of the Tier 2 tool, which will be pilot tested in 2016. Tools for Tier 3 reviews are not yet developed.

The Tier 1 Tool is intended to improve compliance and outcome analysis, increase capacity for early identification of outliers and concerns regarding compliance, strengthen AIDD's responsiveness to the UCEDD's challenges and needs, enhance transparency between AIDD and the UCEDD in regards to how Annual Reports (aka PPRs) are reviewed, heighten UCEDD contributions by reducing the reporting burden, and serve as a pilot tool to gather baseline information for a more meaningful review of the annual PPR. The Tier 1 Tool is used during review of the UCEDD PPRs.  Additionally, Tier 1 is used to identify network trends and TA needs.

The Tier 2 tool is intended to verify that the grantee is compliant with all aspects of the DD Act requirements and is achieving outcomes. The Tier 2 Tool is used during review of the UCEDD Core grant (5-year) application.  It is also used to identify TA needs.


Additional Resources

Prior to the development of QRS, the Monitoring and Technical Assistance Review System (MTARS) was a monitoring tool that was used by AIDD to evaluate its grant programs. MTARS IS NO LONGER IN USE BY AIDD. Below are archived MTARS resources to assist you with program compliance.