Admin Essentials: Matching Funds or Cost Sharing

Wednesday, April 21, 2021
4:00 - 5:00 pm ET
Location: Zoom

The Admin Essentials Series is a series of virtual round table discussions on pressing administrative questions. It's perfect for UCEDD Directors and Business Managers who are interested in an action-oriented discussion space to problem solve through tough administrative challenges. Each installment will include content from seasoned experts. A tip sheet of resources, strategies, and lessons learned will be developed and disseminated following each discussion.

This installment of the Admin Essentials Series will focus on matching funds and how different institutions across the UCEDD network meet the 10% or 25% cost share requirements of the UCEDD core grant. We will explore creative strategies and promising practices across the AUCD network.

What is the purpose of this session?

In authorizing the use of federal funds to fund the UCEDD Network, the DD Act (DD Act Section 154(d)) specifies that:

(d) FEDERAL SHARE.- (1) IN GENERAL.-The Federal share of the cost of administration or operation of a Center, or the cost of carrying out a training initiative, supported by a grant made under this subtitle may not be more than 75 percent of the necessary cost of such project, as determined by the Secretary. (2) URBAN OR RURAL POVERTY AREAS.-In the case of a project whose activities or products target individuals with developmental disabilities who live in an urban or rural poverty area, as determined by the Secretary, the Federal share of the cost of the project may not be more than 90 percent of the necessary costs of the project, as determined by the Secretary

This roundtable discussion will convene UCEDD Directors, Business Managers, and other relevant staff to discuss the diverse strategies within the network for grantee institutions to meet the non-federal funding requirements. The discussion will be facilitated by current UCEDD Directors, Carol Salas Pagan (PR UCEDD) and Phil Wilson (LA UCEDD), and Mitze Jones, the business manager at the Louisiana UCEDD. Resources on the topic will be shared during the meeting. It is our hope that this discussion will assist UCEDDs who are negotiating the financial relationships between their center and their host institutions and who are finalizing financial information before submitting the SF-424 in advance of the May 1, 2021 deadline.

A tip sheet of resources from this event will also be made available following the session.

Where is the session taking place?

This network call will take place over zoom - around our virtual "roundtable."

Who should participate?

This event is intended for UCEDD Directors, Business Managers, and other administrative staff but is open to all UCEDD network members.

Please Note:

This meeting will be archived in a recorded format for future use.


Please contact Jamie Koenig at AUCD if you have questions or would like additional information. For disability accommodations, e-mail [email protected].



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