Disability Policy News In Brief

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New to disability policy? No problem! Disability Policy News In Brief is a weekly newsletter that highlights the most pressing policy updates related to the disability community. Emerging Leaders will find In Brief particularly helpful when trying to understand how current legislation (being written, debated, or implemented) is relevant to their work. The newsletter also shares what AUCD network is doing on the advocacy front, and offers step-by-step instructions for how to get involved at the state and local levels. Lastly, the newsletter previews that week’s installment of AUCD’s Exclusive YouTube series, Tuesdays with Liz , which breaks down current complex political issues in ways that are accessible for all. 

Tuesdays with Liz

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“Tuesdays with Liz” is a weekly video series highlighting current issues related to disability policy, breaking down complicated concepts and in way that is more easily understood by all. These videos are usually no more than five minutes long, hosted by Liz Weintraub (a long-time disability advocate and AUCD staff member) and produced by AUCD. 

AUCD Policy Team

If you have any questions related to policy, feel free to contact AUCD's policy team. They are ready for any of your questions and ideas!

Rylin Rodgers 
Director of Public Policy
Email: rrodgers@aucd.org
Read Rylin Rodgers' bio.


Liz Weintraub 
Sr. Advocacy Specialist
Read Liz Weintraub's bio.