Council Trainee Representatives


Trainees are enthusiastic and eager for more variability and opportunities to demonstrate leadership within the AUCD network. In an ongoing request, trainees expressed an interest in opportunities for greater involvement with AUCD Councils. Specifically, trainees want involvement during their traineeship, rather than afterwards. They view the Councils as a professional means of being engaged with the network and a venue for actively pursuing their areas of interest. In addition to trainees’ requests, Council Chairs and leadership have expressed repeated interest in increasing trainee engagement, so the following plan was designed to address the expressed needs and desires of trainees and Council leadership.

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2020 Council Trainee Representatives

Kaitlyn Ahlers 

University of Washington LEND 

Council Trainee Representative for: The Council on Research and Evaluation (CORE) 


Luticha Doucette 

University of Rochester LEND 

Council Trainee Representative for: The Council on Leadership in Advocacy (COLA) 

Whitney Terrill 

University of Minnesota LEND

 Council Trainee Representative for: The Multicultural Council (MCC) 

Rhea Riley 

The University of New Mexico Center for Development and Disability 

Council Trainee Representative for: The Community Education and Dissemination Council (CEDC) 


Elsie Bush 

The University of Cincinnati LEND 

Council Trainee Representative for: The National Training Director’s Council (NTDC) 




Council Trainee Representative Overview

  • Length: This year-long leadership opportunity for current trainees starts immediately after the AUCD conference and concludes after next year’s conference. One Council Trainee Representative is selected per Council, a total of five representatives.  

  • AUCD will pay for annual conference registration for trainees to attend AUCD

  • The Emerging Leaders Board Representative will facilitate an initial call or webinar in January with all Council Trainee Mentors and Council Trainee Representatives to introduce everyone and ensure there are clear expectations and outcomes of the initiative. 

  • Attend and participate on the Emerging Leaders Webinars led by the Emerging Leaders Interns 

  • The Council Trainee representative will have an opportunity for recognition and engagement on the national level at trainee events during the AUCD Conference. 

Council Trainee Representative Responsibilities

  • In the first quarter of the position, the Council Trainee Representative will develop a synopsis of the Council in multiple formats that can be shared in a conference session, on the Emerging Leaders website and social media platforms (possibly an adaption of the Council one-page resources)

  • Meet virtually with other Council Trainee Representatives to share information and strategies twice during the term (this will be coordinated by the Board Emerging Leader Representative)

  • Present about Council priorities and activities during one Council Trainee Representatives group call

  • Work with the Council Mentor to develop appropriate and relevant trainee leadership opportunities that will have long-term benefits for both participating trainees and the Council (e.g., facilitating communications among Council members, identifying emerging needs that the Council might address, supporting Council-sponsored webinars)

  • Manage a sustainable trainee leadership project from beginning to end 

  • Promote Council Trainee leadership opportunity to next year’s cohort of trainees by contributing to via webinars and the Emerging Leaders Community communications

  • Attend all the Council calls and in-person meeting at the 2020 AUCD Conference (if appropriate and able)

  • Time commitment: 4-5 hours a month

Benefits of being a Council Trainee Representative

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the AUCD network and its funders  

  • Learn how Councils function and communicate within the network, the national office, and the Board 

  • Gain project management skills in a national disability organization  

  • Relationship building and networking with Council members, other Trainee Council Representatives, AUCD staff and the Emerging Leaders Community 

  • Professional development in providing culturally competent practice 

  • Recognition at national trainee events

Application Process

Recruitment for the next cohort will begin in October 2020. Stay tuned for details. More information on the Council Trainee Representative can be found on the informational webinar page.