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AUCD Newsletters

Be sure to stay up to date with AUCD! We publish several regular newsletters with different themes. Head on over to get some policy updates, learn more about what other network members (including Emerging Leaders) are doing, and check out the research priorities of the network.


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AUCD Newsletters




Trainee Listserv

By joining the Trainee listserv, you will receive e-mails with specific resources, opportunities, scholarships, and information on how to participate in the AUCD network. The e-mails are written by one of AUCD’s Emerging Leaders Interns , so you know the information will be just for you!


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With a network member in every U.S. state and territory, we have plenty of information and resources to share with you from the network. We encourage you to stay connected and up-to-date with information. The newsletters and listservs are a great way to learn more about the network and get a sense of how you would like to be connected.

Newsletters are a way to receive and browse through information that we regularly get from network members, plus national updates from AUCD’s central office. If you are interested in building more connections, then listservs are a great place to start. Members of listservs can communicate with each other. There are a variety of topics for which you can ask questions and contribute your thoughts!