Interdisciplinary Training:

Understanding pre-service preparation and continuing education activities. 

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Information Dissemination:

Understanding information dissemination as a means to ensure the UCEDD is a local, state and national resource.

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Community Service:

Understanding community training, technical assistance, model and demonstration services. 

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Research & Evaluation:

Understanding research and evaluation activities. 
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What is Core Function?

The DD Act requires that the work of the UCEDD is aligned with the purpose of higher education and assists in implementing the purpose of the DD Act:

(1) interdisciplinary training including continuing education;

(2) community service including training, technical assistance, model, and demonstration services;

(3) research including evaluation, and analysis of public policy; and

(4) information dissemination.

These are referred to as the UCEDD core functions. All core functions are required of all UCEDDs with the exception of model and demonstration services, which are optional.

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