Quality Review

OIDD uses the Quality Assistance Review System (QRS) to evaluate its DD Network programs, including UCEDDs, DD Councils, and Protection and Advocacy systems. The title Quality Review System was carefully and thoughtfully chosen to place emphasis on promoting quality in the work of the UCEDDs. UCEDD QRS tools were developed and pilot tested by workgroups of OIDD staff, AUCD/URC staff, and UCEDD Directors. A QRS Guidebook (docx) that includes all elements of the process was developed in 2020.  

QRS has four basic components:

  1. Federal review of program compliance,
  2. Federal review of program outcomes,
  3. Federal review of fiscal operations, and
  4. Provision of technical assistance.

QRS benefits OIDD and all UCEDDs nationwide. OIDD relies on QRS as a significant component of its Federal stewardship. Under the terms of the DD Act, OIDD must conduct oversight to determine the extent to which UCEDDs are helping individuals with developmental disabilities and their families have more opportunities to live, participate, and contribute to community life.  Understanding and reviewing whether programs are achieving these outcomes is critical to OIDD’s role.

There are three tiers within the QRS system:

Tier 1: Annual compliance and outcome review of Program Performance Reports (PPRs). The Tier 1 Tool is intended to improve compliance and outcome analysis, increase capacity for early identification of outlier performance data and concerns regarding compliance, strengthen OIDD's responsiveness to the UCEDD's challenges and needs, enhance transparency between OIDD and the UCEDD in regards to how PPRs are reviewed, heighten UCEDD contributions by reducing the reporting burden, and serve as a pilot tool to gather baseline information for a more meaningful review of the annual PPR. The Tier 1 Tool is used during review of the UCEDD PPRs. Additionally, Tier 1 is used to identify network trends and TA needs.

Tier 2: Periodic in-depth desk audits of compliance including review of 5-year core grant application, review of 5-year final report, and an outcome site visit review conducted by federal staff person, UCEDD peer(s), and optionally UCEDD Resource Center TA staff. The Tier 2 tools are intended to verify that the grantee is compliant with all aspects of the DD Act requirements and is achieving outcomes. Tier 2 Tools are used during review of the UCEDD Core grant (5-year) application, standard site visits, and to review final 5-year reports. It is also used to identify TA needs

Tier 3: On-site review for red flag programs conducted by federal staff and peers as needed. This may be conducted by OIDD at any point and is most likely to occur if significant concerns are identified in Tiers 1 & 2.