19th Annual Chronic Illness and Disability Conference: Transition from Pediatric to Adult-based Care

Thursday, October 25, 2018- Friday, October 26, 2018
Location: Online Broadcast

AUCD is proud to support the online broadcast of Baylor College of Medicine's:

19th Annual Chronic Illness and Disability Conference: Transition from Pediatric to Adult-based Care

Participate Remotely

All MCH Training Programs, UCEDDs, and their collaborators (Title V, clinical partner sites, etc.) are invited and encouraged to participate remotely by hosting a live stream of this conference for trainees, faculty, staff, families, and others at your center or program. Eligible broadcast sites include MCH training programs, UCEDDs, and Title V programs. This is an excellent opportunity for your trainees and staff to gain in-depth coverage of a range of transition issues at a very low cost of $150 per site. 

An Engaging Agenda

Hosted by Baylor College of Medicine and available nationwide through an AUCD-sponsored live broadcast, this year's conference is shaping up to be a valuable resource for the AUCD network and beyond. Register as a broadcast site in order to:

  • Hear from Dr. Alice Kuo, UC-LEND Director, speak about the importance of understanding health disparities in regards to transition program development
  • Learn more from Dr. Cecilia Sun about the process of transition to college for young adults with mental health issues
  • Listen to Drs. Ashok Balasubramajian and Sirapoom McKay address the issue of increasing adult capacity and the specifics of setting up a program across large pediatric and adult hospital systems
  • Earn CME and CNE Credits, Social Work CEUs, and PT and OT CCUs without leaving the office 

... and much more!


To register as a broadcast site and registration questions, contact Marty Guerrero at 832-826-7206 or email [email protected]. To speak with someone at AUCD about this event, contact Sarah DeMaio.

Why We Participate

"Minnesota LEND partners with Gillette Lifetime Specialty Clinic in co-hosting the live broadcast of this conference ...to learn about evidence-based practices in the critical need area of healthcare transition. Gillette staff members were very excited about this opportunity to 'attend' Baylor's conference at their work place. We hope to increase this type of collaborative learning each year for our clinical partners and trainees." 

- Rebecca Dosch-Brown, MN LEND Training Coordinator


"Baylor does an excellent job of addressing the task of facilitating adolescent transition as youth learn to navigate health care, post-secondary work or school, and independent living. The mixture of national and local presenters who come from clinical, research, policy, advocacy, and patient perspectives provide a well-rounded presentation of the realities of transition. The annual conference jumps starts our trainees' knowledge and skill development regarding transition. It allows us to introduce a wide array of issues that would take us much longer to do with our own content development. We are grateful that we are able to gain so much with a relatively small investment on our part."

- David Deere, Arkansas Regional LEND Training Director


"WI LEND program works with our state Youth Health Transition Hub to host at least 2 sites in Wisconsin - Madison and Milwaukee. LEND trainees participate as they are able, but are a small part of the audience. We have mostly providers (nurses, SW, MD, other health professionals), our MCH PPC partners and trainees, and just a few families, who come to the broadcast."

-Anne Harris, WI LEND Director