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How to Create an E-Portfolio

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Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

Think about it! Where do you keep all your professional stuff: CEUs you've collected, certifications, or pictures from the fantastic PTA program you helped organize? Chances are some pieces are at home, work, or perhaps you have them in a binder on your shelf. You are not alone! Historically, professionals have used bulky binders, folders, or a combination of the two as a repository for assignments, projects, and products they have developed over a period of time. Check out this video to see the benefits of throwing out the paper and creating an electronic portfolio.

What are the expected learning outcomes for trainees?

So why take the time to create one? Your e-Portfolio may contain information on professional development activities, projects or committee work you have participated in, evaluations, scanned certificates, a resume/vitae, and media such as pictures or videos. The owner of the e-Portfolio site can choose whom they share this space with or give permission to access through a link. Pretty impressive stuff for potential employers! e-Portfolios represent a dynamic, creative, fluid and reflective digital space for the professional nurse to use now and well into the future. Through time and with reflection, individual learning and growth become visible to participants, administrators, or future employers.

Briefly describe the positive impacts this activity has had on trainees.

Developing an e-Portfolio will help you to demonstrate and/or document: (1) growth in skill development, knowledge, and degree of competency; (2) professional achievement; (3) how media can be integrated into professional work; (4) behavioral outcomes; (5) a rich alternative form of assessment, other than grades; (6) individual ability and achievement in specific areas. The e-Portfolio provides the professional with a powerful tool used to provide evidence and documentation of growth, leadership development, and the effects of self-directed learning. The value of this web-based resource is enhanced by its portability and ease of use.

Briefly describe any lessons learned or challenges associated with implementing this activity.

(1) The Weebly platform is the easiest to use for those new to using technology. (2) Start simply and have trainees create an account. It will generate a Home page. (3) YouTube videos helped many students visualize the potential for this creative digital space. (4) Use technology support service for students at the university as a resource. Our university actually reserved a computer lab for student to get started. This worked well and provided another avenue of support for trainees. (5) Assumptions that most trainees would be comfortable with technology were not valid. (6) Buy in from students and faculty is important. Determine what is the purpose of an e-Portfolio and how Trainees will use it should be modeled and visualized by learners. Demonstrating how to use this as a repository for documents, a reflective space for writing, and using Quick Response (QR) codes or other "widgets" can make this a powerful digital space.

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