National NDD Core Curriculum Resources Editorial Board  


AUCD is seeking new members to apply to the NDD Core Curriculum Editorial Board. NDD Core Curriculum Resources are overseen by the Editorial Board, composed of content experts committed to responsibly maintaining and updating the topic modules. This commitment includes: 

  • - Reviewing the topics annually to ensure existing content reflects the most current evidence base. 

  • - Ongoing assessment of the value of recommended resources, assignments, readings, etc., within LEND and other relevant training contexts. 

  • - Building awareness of the NDD Core Curriculum Resources among training programs and other network entities 

  • - Seeking out and purposefully including diverse perspectives represented across multiple relevant variables. 


Specific Responsibilities and Time Commitment 


Service on the Editorial Board is an unpaid, 2-year leadership opportunity. In total, Editorial Board Members will dedicate approximately 15-20 hours/year of their time. All Editorial Board members are expected to: 

  • - Attend quarterly, one-hour Editorial Board meetings.  

  • - Attend as-needed, small-group meetings for topic review and discussion.  

  • - Participate in ongoing assessment of new topic proposals and content updates (including the associated resources, assignments, readings, etc.). 

  • - Ensure existing content reflects the most current evidence base. (i.e., periodic review and updates). 

  • Review and address emerging priorities by developing new topics - in collaboration with MCHB and AUCD staff. 
  • - Work with AUCD staff to continue building awareness of the resources among training programs and other network entities, both to increase use of and the diversity of perspectives that are contributing content/feedback. 


Process for Board Retention and Recruitment 


  • - All members will serve on the Editorial Board for two years.  

  • - The Editorial Board will be comprised of no more than 12 AUCD network leaders with an affiliation with LEND. The total does not include AUCD or MCHB staff.  

  • - Before the end of the two-year term (at least 4 months prior), provided all Board responsibilities have been met, members can continue their position on the board for one more two-year term. 


Application Deadline: Monday, December 4th 

For more information, email Mollie Blafer at [email protected] 


1100 Wayne Avenue, Suite 1000, Silver Spring, MD 20910


[email protected]

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