The LEND Self-Advocacy Discipline Competencies

The purpose of LEND Self-Advocacy Discipline Competencies is to offer LEND training programs a set of tools to help Self-Advocate trainees individualize their leadership goals and learning plan during their participation in a LEND training program. Competencies describe the skills, knowledge, and behaviors that leaders have or will develop during their LEND training year. 

The LEND Self-Advocacy Competencies are designed to add to the MCH Leadership Competencies and any other competencies the program wishes to use. They are not intended to form a separate curriculum for Self-Advocates; instead, they can be used as a guide and help spark ideas on how to meet the discipline-specific learning needs and personal leadership goals of a Self-Advocate trainee.

After completing the self-assessment, Self-Advocate Faculty members will help their trainees choose which competencies they want to focus on during their LEND year.

The suggested activities and resources may also be good tools for LEND Directors and Training Directors developing curricula for their program or for other trainees in the program. The use of these competencies is not required by Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)/Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB).

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Resource Topic(s): Self-Advocacy
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LEND/DBP Faculty or Staff, LEND/DBP Leadership, LEND/DBP Trainees
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Resource Published: 11/09/2022


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