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Essential Clinical Genetics for LEND and UCEDD Programs Workshop

Hearing Loss and Genetics Presentation (155KB) [download]
Workshop Case 1 (153KB) [download]
Workshop Case 1 Answers (165KB) [download]
Workshop Case 2 (249KB) [download]
Workshop Case 2 Answers (254KB) [download]
Workshop Case 3 (155KB) [download]
Workshop Case 3 Answers (163KB) [download]

Briefly describe the activity and its purpose.

This workshop activity from the 2013 AUCD Conference was designed as a team-based learning format in which LEND Directors "flip the classroom" to allow participants an opportunity to learn through interacting within small group, interprofessional discussions.

The goal of this workshop was to assist LENDs and UCEDDs in imbedding genetics information into their existing curricula. Competency in basic clinical genetics is essential for all healthcare professionals and should be integrated into LEND and UCEDD educational experiences. Training in the genetic basis for variation in health and disease will increase the understanding of trainees of LEND and UCEDD programs in the genetic basis for diversity as well as guide the evaluation and treatment of developmental disabilities.

This program featured modified case studies, a greater emphasis on genetic counseling, and a facilitated discussion of successful strategies to integrate genetics information into existing LEND and UCEDD programs.

Participants were asked to review pre-workshop materials (below) before attending the session in order to get the most out of the learning experience.

Myths of Primary Care Providers and Patients / Families Regarding Genetics - Setting the Record Straight (American Academy of Pediatrics)

Top 10 Genetics Resources for Pediatric Primary Care Providers (American Academy of Pediatrics)

Southeast Regional Consortium and AUCD Presents! Genetic Factors Contributing to Disability (AUCD Webinar Library)

Other Materials

What are the expected learning outcomes for trainees?

Trainees will:

  • Increase their competency in basic clinical genetics by reviewing resources and case studies. After completing this activity, the goal is for trainees to use what they have learned in real world clinical settings
  • Learn about genetics and patient and family in primary care and clinical settings, and genetic factors in relation to developmental disabilities
  • Discuss cases to help them apply what they have learned from the pre workshop materials and discuss and think through case studies to further understand how to apply their knowledge in a clinical setting with patients and families
  • Network and become acquainted with other trainees in their cohort and how knowledge of genetics can be helpful in serving patients and families in a different settings through a variety of health care of disciplines
  • Learn the basics of clinical genetics and genetics and its relation to hearing loss
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